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Johnny Manziel | NCAA: Kevin Lennon, NCAA Brass are what’s wrong with NCAA
By Nicco Martinez – Featured Writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

NCAA Football | 2012 NCAA Football, NCAAKevin Lennon is a tool. He cited a rule created for players signing a couple of autographs for a fan after a game “headed down the tunnel”, or signing a shirt for a fan at a school sponsored pep rally AND the player unknowingly knew the fan had plans to sell the autograph for profit.
This clause does not apply to an all-weekend sit-in to sign thousands of autographs for a businessman BECAUSE the businessman owns a business that knowingly makes its profit by selling athletes’ autographs.
Kevin Lennon (and the NCAA brass) is exactly what’s wrong with the NCAA.

Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, etc, etc, does the NCAA care about anything other than immediate back-pocket dollars…. Add Kerrville’s Johnny Manziel to the list.  Once that ca$h pipeline dries up, the NCAA will pay your school a visit to so-call start an investigation “due to new evidence” and then sadly share the the bad news with you.

I hope that College Station institution with junior college wisdom, (yes, the school now known as ATM) enjoys this short-lived ride because within a couple of years of Reggie and Cam, both USC and Auburn experienced the too-many-out-in-the-open-violations-that-we-the-NCAA-now-have-no-choice-but-to-act sanctions.

Just take a look at Johnny thus far, do you honestly think he has any intentions of following anyones rule book…. would you be willing to bet a winning lottery ticket that a few thousand autographs is the worse violation he has ALREADY committed thus far? I bet not.

Just give it time, Johnny is ticking and ticking and ticking, and he really doesn’t have the maturity to properly evaluate who is in the blast radius.

The lyrics are perfect! Men At Work must have borrowed Michael J Fox’s DeLorian to be so spot-on some 30-years into the future.

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