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Randy’s Longhorns Blog
Rick Barnes | Top 10 paid?
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Texas Longhorns | University of Texas | Rick Barnes

Based on the coached who led their teams to the NCAA Tournament, Rick Barnes is the 10th-highest paid coach of the 68 coaches.
The data was compiled by USAToday.com.   Because all salary is coming straight from the University of Texas (none from outside), Barnes has a total pay of $2.4 million.  Rick Barnes ranks second in the Big 12 behind Kansas’ Bill Self ($3,633,657 in total pay).  The number 1 ranked basketball coach is Kentucky’s John Calipari with $5,387,978, with $400,400 coming from outside sources.

I would love to get your comments on Rick Barnes as the Texas Longhorns head coach.

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