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National Football Post
Scouting Series – University of Texas
By Wes Bunting
David Snow

PART 5 of 6

The National Football Post will be breaking down every team in the Football Bowl Subdivision to identify which players could warrant the most interest from NFL teams in the 2012 NFL draft. Therefore, today we take a look at the senior class of the Texas Longhorns.

C David Snow: No. 78 (6-4, 295)

A taller, flexible center prospect who possesses good overall thickness and length for the position and has a ton of starting experience. Snaps and steps quickly off the line. Does a nice job gaining initial leverage off the ball, getting inside hand placement and taking proper angles on contact. Routinely is able to get a push on defensive tackles off his frame. Gets a bit upright through contact, however is heavy handed, works his legs and for the most part doe a nice job sticking to blocks. Doesn’t have the type of natural power/explosion to routinely handle bigger defenders tackles over his head and move them off the ball. However, he exhibits good short area quickness in tight quarters, can chip and get out to the second level, and looks coordinated on the move. Lacks great range when pulling, but has enough to get around the line and seal on contact.

Showcases good initial quickness off the ball in the pass game. Does a good job pre snap helping with the line calls and getting everyone organized and on the same page. Takes proper angles off the snap, keeps his base under him and displays solid shuffle and slide ability. Showcases solid balance when asked to slide his feet, extends his arms well, gains inside hand placement and is heavy handed. Isn’t an overly powerful anchor player and can he overwhelmed initially off the ball. However, is quick to re-set his feet, gain leverage and recover. Plays with a fire and will work till the whistle.

Impression: Isn’t an overly powerful in-line guy or elite athlete. But he can bend, is coordinated in both the run and pass game and does a great job shooting his hands inside and sticking to blocks. Looks like a guy who can make a roster and with some improved strength fight for playing time down the line.

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