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VIDEO | Texas Longhorns: Charlie Strong, Excerpts Longhorn Network
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville Cardinals

Excerpts from New Texas Coach Charlie Strong’s First Longhorn Network Interview from the University of Texas with Steve Patterson.


Lowell Galindo: What was it like for you when the offer (Texas head coach) was presented?

 Charlie Strong: Well you think just about your coaching career, you think about the number of years that you’ve put into it and then all of a sudden this is what you really worked for. You know at the end of the day, when you wake up,  you say – wow, that is really what I want.”

Video (answer continues)


Lowell Galindo:  Why do you think Texas wanted Charlie Strong?

Charlie Strong: Well its so many reasons, there’s a lot of candidates out there, but when you’re looking for passion, when you’re looking for strength, when you’re looking for someone just to change your program.

And I will say this I am following a legend. You know, there have been so many great coaches here. From Coach Royal to Coach McWilliams to Coach Akers to Coach Brown, but the foundation has been laid within this program. A program with strong tradition, strong history. Only thing I can do is take a brick, lay it on top of what has already been built and continue the tradition the integrity, what it really stands for.



Lowell Galindo: What type of defense do you run, how would you best describe that?

Charlie Strong:  A very aggressive defense, comes at you in all kinds of different ways.  We like to blitz, we’re a team that likes to blitz and play a lot of man coverage. But it’s gonna depend on who we play, you know. You look at this conference – there’s really a ton of offenses. Looking at Baylor, looking at Texas Tech, looking at Oklahoma State, looking at what Oklahoma just did to Alabama – and Alabama has one of the premiere defenses –  but I will say this, we beat Oklahoma alright. Texas beat Oklahoma. So let’s make sure everyone knows that, but just looking at it, you have a lot of respect for all these coaches in this conference so we want to make sure that we are very aggressive and just making sure that we gotta get the job done.



Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville Cardinals

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