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CowboyTD Longhorns Video
VIDEO | Texas Longhorns: Charlie Strong’s plans! CowboyTD
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CowboysTD, Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys The new head coach for the Texas Longhorns made a stopped in Tyler Thursday afternoon, part of the ‘Texas Comin on Strong Tour,’ a statewide event where Strong can meet with Longhorn nation face to face.

Charlie strong met with East Texas fans and alumni, to get them ready for a brand new era in Austin.

It was a sold out event.

But what all fans want to really know, is how Coach Strong plans to get Texas football back to the top of the mountain.

“It’s April, right now I can’t assess how many wins or how many losses or what we’re gonna have, what I’m trying to do right now is just make sure we can go out and compete,” said Strong.

Competition doesn’t just take place on the field, it takes place across the state, in recruits’ living rooms, and at community events such as the one held in Tyler.

“The university speaks for itself. When you have an unbelievable academic institution plus you have facilities and you have the resources that are available, and I always tell guys this, you’re not coming to Texas for the coach, you’re coming because it’s the University of Texas,” said Strong.

With a new coaching staff comes new protocols and new ways of preparing for success, but while adjusting to the new surroundings, Coach Strong says he doesn’t want them to lose any intensity.

“Even with them learning, you don’t want them to slow down, and with the fundamentals and techniques just make sure we’re stepping with the proper foot, we’re blocking, we’re tackling, carrying the ball the proper way, but we can improve we can get better,” said Strong.

Which is why thousands of burnt orange shirts have been attending this statewide tour, to meet the man they hope, will bring Texas back to those lofty, but expected, winning ways.

“What we can’t do is lower the standard, the standard there at the university. So we have to continue to make it rise and make it, where we have to improve and go get better ourselves,” said Strong.

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