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Charlie Strong | Texas Longhorns:  Recruiting and Changes Take Time
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville CardinalsIt’s been about 16 years since there has been a complete overhaul for Texas Longhorn Football.  This takes time, Folks!  To establish relationships with current players and potential recruits, make drastic changes in philosophies and culture, and gaining momentum in the program is not an easy thing to accomplish at any level.

This huge change is extremely difficult in a long period of time, much less in a short time of period.  We must not worry about it and stress us out. 
University of Texas Football head coach, Charlie Strong has proven quick success at Louisville and we must trust him and his coaching staff.  Let the staff work together and gel, let the culture develop at it’s natural pace, and let the momentum change over time …  just relax.   At the end of the day, it will call come down to wins and losses at this university. We will see the next chapter for Texas Longhorn Football soon enough.

Strong has had quality recruiting classes at Louisville, while beating out many recruiting battles with Nick Saban, Les Miles, Jimbo Fisher, among other greats. Eventually, I think Strong will dominate inner-city recruiting.  Strong should develop a culture to “clean up” with his new fertile grounds with this incredible Texas high school talent, which always seems to be the deepest in the country .  It will also take time to handle the Big Money Donors (BMD) and all the media Texas has, including the Longhorn Network.

My favorite saying is, “it’s all good, baby”.  So …. Relax people!

Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville Cardinals

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