Charlie Strong | Texas Longhorns: My Thoughts and Opinions on New Head Coach

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Charlie Strong | Texas Longhorns: My Thoughts and Opinions on Head Coach
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville CardinalsHere are my thoughts and opinions of the new University of Texas Football head coach, Charlie Strong, who was just hired by athletics director Steve Patterson.

My take on Charlie Strong:  Steve Patterson and the University of Texas took a HUGE step, by hiring the first black head coach in UT Men’s Athletics history.   I love Strong’s military style of coaching, which is exactly what the Texas Longhorns needs at this time.  Strong is 52 years old, which is perfect for short or a long term stint at Texas.  I am hoping he can handle the Big Money Donors (BMD) and all the media Texas has, including the Longhorn Network.

Charlie Strong was not in my top 8 (NFL/NCAA) “coaching want list”.  Once I realized most of my potential coaching hires were not about to leave their own coaching situations (already their dream job, had a good salary already, alumni, etc), Strong kept quickly moving higher on my list as a legitimate contender for the job opportunity.

Strong has had quality recruiting classes at Louisville, while beating out many recruiting battles with Nick Saban, Les Miles, Jimbo Fisher, among other greats.  I think he will immediately dominate inner-city recruiting.  Strong should “clean up” with his new fertile grounds with the incredible Texas high school talent, which always seems to be the deepest in the country .

I love that Strong and the Louisville Cardinals won 2 conference championships in his 4 years experience as head coach.  Just so fans can understand, Mack Brown only won 2 conference championships in over 30 years of coaching.  I know the situations with conferences are different, but it is interesting with only four years of head coaching experience.  As Louisville’s head coach, Strong came in to a situation where the team had performed a conference record of 1-6 & 1-6 in back to back years.  He has now won 3 bowl games in his 4 years and coming off his second straight double-digit victory season. He took over a program that was coming off three straight non-winning seasons and has gone 37-15

I am very impressed with his background, learning under coaching tree’s of Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz, RC Slocum, and Galen Hall.

At the end of the day, it will call come down to wins and losses at this university.  We will see the next chapter for Texas Longhorn Football soon enough.

Charlie Strong, Texas Longhorns, University of Texas, Louisville Cardinals

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