Texas Longhorns | Manny Diaz: Fired as Defensive Coordinator by Mack Brown




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Texas Longhorns | Manny Diaz:  Fired as Defensive Coordinator by Mack Brown
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

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The Longhorns’ defensive coordinator, Manny Diaz is reportedly out two weeks into the season. Our sources have learned Mack Brown has fired Diaz, one day after the Texas Longhorns allowed 550 yds rushing to Brigham Young.

The two most likely replacements for Manny Diaz are former DC Greg Robinson and Duane Akina. I do not believe either of these solves the main issues and significantly better than Diaz.

Diaz was a positional coach at North Carolina State prior to be hired as the defensive coordinator at Middle Tennessee State in 2006. After four years, he was hired by Mississippi State. He helped improve their 71st-ranked scoring defense in 2009 to a top-25 defense in 2010.

This seems like the typical “fire the coordinator as the scapegoat before the coach gets axed” move. I do not believe Texas would ever fire Mack Brown in the middle of the season. As far as coaching hot seats go, Mack Brown has a good flame going. Lane Kiffin has a five-alarm fire in the works.

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