NCAA Football Predictions | Top 25: College Football Predictions – Week 4




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NCAA Football Predictions | Top 25: College Football Predictions – Week 4
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook ’em Report

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Who do you think will win? Check out our own expert picks every week for NCAA Top 25: College Football Predictions. Our NCAA Football Predictions are subject to change prior to games.

We provide the best and most educated picks based on relevant statistic and resources, along with: key injuries, Historical results, and accurate comparisons

Alabama 54, Colorado State 9
Wisconsin 38, Purdue 20
Northwestern 44, Maine 10
Georgia 44, North Texas 14
Louisville 42, Florida International 9
Clemson 24, NC State 17
Ohio State 48, Florida A&M 14
Washington 48, Idaho State 6
Tennessee 32, Florida 26
Notre Dame 32, Michigan State 26
Florida State 58, Bethune-Cookman 0
Stanford 30, Arizona State 21
LSU 32, Auburn 28
Texas Tech 54, Texas State 14
Miami 58, Savannah State 7
Texas A&M 42, SMU 14
Michigan 48, Connecticut 14
UCLA 48, New Mexico State 6

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