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Rose Bowl | Texas Longhorns: Mack Brown, Vince YoungI’m a former UT student and currently work for the Autism Society of Greater Austin which is a nonprofit that focuses on local autism family support. Nate Boyer, long snapper for UT and former Green Beret, has received wide coverage because of his extensive military background and impressive feats on the football team.

He’ll be volunteering at a promotional event we’re having this weekend for an awareness fundraiser and I’m hoping you’ll help us spread the word on your Facebook page. I’ve included a brief blurb below for your convenience.
We would truly appreciate your support in letting our Longhorns know that Nate will be onsite and helping our very worthy cause!
Thanks for your time, take care,
Raine Munkens
Who doesn’t like a good cause? Come hang out with NATE BOYER, current UT Long Snapper and former Green Beret, as he volunteers with the Autism Society of Greater Austin to raise awareness! We’d love to meet you at our buzz party this weekend. Onsite rider registration, volunteer opps, plenty of food, and tons of prizes! Hope to see you there 🙂

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