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Who should be the Starting Quarterback for UT?
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Since the departure of former Texas QB Colt McCoy, there has been controversy of who should be the starting QB.
At first the coaches and many fans thought they had the immediate answer to the problem. Garrett Gilbert. But as the season went on, Gilbert continued to have lackluster games in which he through many interceptions and had a low completion percentage. One year later Gilbert transferred to SMU. The second Garrett’s career at Texas ended, Case McCoy and David Ash were thrust into the spotlight having to play in the game in which Gilbert was taken out of early vs. BYU for throwing his second interception on just the second drive. Throughout the season Texas Head Coach Mack Brown Juggled McCoy and Ash starting one for a game and the other for the next game and at time’s both started. And since starting two QB’s the whole season is not a viable option a choice needs to be made by the Texas Coaching staff and despite popular opinion, not by the fans.

By simply looking at the 2 quarterbacks the choice is obvious. On one side you have the relatively small 6-2, 200 pounds Case McCoy vs. the 6-4; 215 pounds pro style looking QB David Ash. But the stats are unmistakable.  McCoy last year passed for 1034 yards, 88 completions on 144 attempts, 7 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 61.1 completion percentages and an overall QB rating of 131.9. Ash on the other hand passed for 1079 yards, with 99 completions on 174 attempts, 4 touchdowns, 8 interceptions, 56.9 completion percentages and an overall QB rating of 107.4. But people around the team are saying Ash has the upper hand which seems to be based on sheer potential. Too many times in sports college or pro have I seen coaching staff’s making decisions on just potential or raw talent rather than what had been actually played out on the field, and it in turn been disastrous.

The fact of the matter is, the Horns don’t need a guy that can chuck its 65 yards down field, they need someone who can keep the ball out of the hands of the defense and let the running game do its work. So there’s the answer. Case McCoy, from what we have seen on the field and in games should be the starter, but the competition is still close and if Ash can make even minor improvements to his game he has a chance to be the next starting quarterback for the University of Texas.

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