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Texas’s Talent Problem
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Texas Longhorns | Mack Brown, Case McCoy, and Mack BrownTexas’s Talent Problem

The University of Texas Longhorn football team has a problem. And that problem is they have too many players at the same position with almost identical talent.

You might say good at first glance but there’s one thing. One of Texas’s problems is at quarterback having to switch through quarterbacks throughout the game due to Mack Brown‘s indecision at starting quarterback. Yeah its partially Mack Browns problem but both young, both talented quarter backs (Case McCoy and David Ash) have been inconsistent throughout the season. So start them both. Well there is a problem with that too; the only teams to start two QB’s at the same time and win a national championship were the Florida gators back in ’07. Texas has other problems at other positions too but that an article for another day. But the point is if Texas wants to get back to the same domination level they had a few years ago Brown needs to make a decision, and make one quick.

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