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TX/OU Rivalry will only get better … Randy

Randy’s Longhorns Blog
Barry Switzer thinks Texas Sucks … Wants Texas to Keep Mack Brown
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Barry Switzer | Oklahoma SoonersMack Brown has enjoyed so much success at the University of Texas with his Texas Longhorns football team.  He has been to two national championships (won one) and has a streak of nine straight double-digit win seasons.  Since the end of the 2009 season, when Brown lost Colt McCoy to the NFL, the Longhorns have struggled.

Last year, they went 5-7, which was their first losing season, since John Mackovic was fired in 1997.  Going 5-2 this season, sounds much better, but they got their butts kicked by Oklahoma 55-17 and lost to Oklahoma State 38-26. That is why Barry Switzer, former Oklahoma Sooners head coach to want Texas to keep Mack Brown. Oklahoma State bootster T. Boone Pickens and Switzer even sharing laughs about the Texas Longhorns  struggles.

At a luncheon on Wednesday, Pickens described an email he received from Switzer after Oklahoma had beaten Texas 55-17 earlier this month.

Pickens says Switzer wrote him suggesting that Oklahoma State should not “beat them as bad as the Sooners did because we want to keep Mack Brown as coach — we want somebody that both of us can beat.”

Switzer was sitting in the audience and encouraged Pickens to share the story.

Yeah, laugh all you want guys, but let’s look at the history.

Mack Brown = 6-8 against Oklahoma
Mack Brown = 12-2 against Oklahoma State (only losses coming the last two seasons)

Oklahoma has a slight edge on Texas, but this will only “add fuel to the fire”.  Look out for this rivalry to get even more intense.  Do not piss off  Mack Brown … Not a good idea!

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