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This is absolutely ridiculous about the Texas Longhorns and University of Texas, but interesting to read … Randy

What, banning “Hook ‘em horns” next?
By Nick Matthews
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So, Oregon players are being warned to stop flashing the hand sign of the giant “O” in celebration.

You think that would work with at Texas? Um, yeah, we don’t either.

Mike Pereira, the Pac-12 interim head of officiating, would probably disagree. Here’s what he had to say about Oregon’s celebration.

“That’s not a salute to the military. Nor is that a praise to God. I think this borderlines on being unsportsmanlike conduct. And really what you want to do is not do something like this, so that you can actually take the officials out of that. I would say this: I’ll go so far as to guarantee you that Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks will get a phone call this week and tell them that ‘You need to stop doing this.’ …

“Why do I guarantee it? Because I’ll (be the one to) make it.”

Yikes. So image, if you would, Texas and Oregon facing off next year in the Pac-16 (remember all of that discussion, right?).

So, what do you think about this? Stopping players from flashing “Hook ‘em Horns?”


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