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Randy’s Longhorns Blog
Texas Longhorns: Future of Big 12
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Big-12 | Texas Longhorns and University of Texas

Once the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners and the remaining schools sign off, the league will begin pursuing expansion. An expansion committee is scheduled to discuss possible teams. The University of Texas and the Big 12 originally had a list of BYU, Arkansas, Pitt, Louisville and West Virginia when Texas A&M left before Oklahoma president David Boren said the Sooners would look at other options. The Sooners’ main option was tossed out when the Pac-12 decided it would not expand.

Arkansas has said it would remain in the SEC. Pitt will leave to the ACC in 2012 or ’13. For the Big 12 expansion pool, that leaves BYU, an independent in football with all other sports in the WCC; Big East teams West Virginia, Louisville, and possibly South Florida and Cincinnati; Air Force and Boise State out of the Mountain West; and TCU, now in the MWC but bound for the Big East in 2012.

The Big Question …  how many teams to add. According to sources, that hasn’t been answered yet.  The ideal number seems to be 10, assuming Missouri stays, with the possibility of going to 12. The TCU question will be an interesting one for Texas since adding TCU would open up the politics for Conference USA members in Texas such as SMU to push for inclusion.

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