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Turner’s Touchdown Blog
Texas Longhorns | Pac 16?
By Scott Turner – Featured writer Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

Could the Texas Longhorns be lured in joining the PAC-12, which could be called the PAC-16?  According to 1310 AM (The Ticket) in Dallas,  the PAC-12 (PAC-16) is under immense pressure, more so than any other college football conference to expand their roster of teams.  The Ticket mentioned conferences are salivating over the Texas Longhorns and the PAC-12 wants to prove to the SEC that another conference could be just as good, if not better.   That my friends will be the new home of your Texas Longhorns, as well as those bozos Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the dreaded Texas Tech Red Raiders.  Hook ’em!

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