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Texas Longhorns | Press Conference Notes
Head coach Mack Brown

Opening statement: I’m really proud of the win, to beat a team like [UCLA] who beat us really good last year in the second half. They forced a turnover on the punt return and we got it right back, which is good. UCLA didn’t quit. They kept fighting. They outplayed us in the kicking game, which we need to get better at, but all around I’m pleased.
On the true freshmen: This is probably the biggest role any group of freshmen has had to play at my time at the University of Texas. The old guys have been great encouraging the young guys. Team chemistry is really good right now, and I think this team is all about winning and nothing else.

On the win: It’s a huge win for us. We are going to enjoy this one. We are going to study the video and look at it closely and get ready for Iowa State. We started out slow and had question marks against BYU, but we played well except for the kicking game.

On the young guys: Older kids have been like big brothers to the older kids. They’ve been taking them under their wing. The time zone set us off a little and also not being in the comfort of 100,000 fans cheering for you. But our older kids have been great.

On the schedule: Not a lot of people thought we’d be 3-0 at this point. We played a tough non-conference schedule, but the 3-0 start is a statement of improvement. Now we’ll have 7-10 days to get ready for Iowa State, which is good because we aren’t nearly as good as we need to be.

On the secondary: The UCLA quarterbacks made great throws, but our guys hung in there and made the plays that they needed to at the end.

On QB Case McCoy: He did a good job on numerous plays. He scared me a little bit on that play at the goal line, but he scrambled out of it and made the play time and time again. I thought he played well for his first start. He’s played better in games than he has in practices. I didn’t know how much time each quarterback would earn, but Case had a great day today.

On RB  Malcolm Brown: I didn’t know after the Rice game if he was for real or not, but after today and the BYU game, we know.

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