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Randy’s Longhorns Blog
Case McCoy: Leadership
By Randy Maltz – Founder/Editor at Silver and Blue Report & Hook’em Report

The Texas Longhorns and Mack Brown spent a long time looking leadership among the quarterbacks, once Colt McCoy bolted to the NFL. Brown stated that “leadership” was the number one priority in the starter. Case McCoy is that leader, who was seen rallying the Texas Longhorns Football team to a 17-16 win over BYU on Saturday.

Wide receiver Jaxon Shipley stated, “He immediately came into the huddle and was pumping us up and telling us to trust him, and that he was going to lead us down and deliver a victory. I think there was just a lot of energy that he brought in. As you can tell, he played a great game. He’s a great leader for us.”

Case McCoy is the quarterback who gave up a whole year of eligibility last year for a whopping total of one .. yes … one pass attempt last season. Case’s father, Brad McCoy stated, “Being a leader is tough if you aren’t in a role where leadership is asked of you … When you are a backup, you can only lead so much.”

It is not official, but it is looking like McCoy will start against UCLA, with David Ash playing a large role.

Against BYU, McCoy was 7-of-8 for 57 yards and he led Texas to two crucial touchdown drives and did not turn the ball over. He converted a big third-and-9 and fourth-and-5 conversion.

After one year of being second string and one pass attempt, Case just wants his chance to be the starter and deserves it.

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