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Nicco Martinez, an Austin native, started covering sports in 1979 and has not since slowed down his love affair with playing, coaching, and writing about sports. He has written articles on both the Cowboys and Longhorns spanning 5 decades. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!

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Q&A with Nicco | Texas Longhorns
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Q&A with NICCO!

What does Case McCoy bring to the table that Garrett Gilbert didn’t?
Case McCoy is a wet dream to any Boise State Offensive Coordinator of the last decade. Bryan Harsin’s offense is not based on slow-footed, big-arm 6-6 Drew Bledsoe type of QB. (It’s sad that Greg Davis never let Garrett Gilbert throw his big-arm with the frequency that Al Davis has allowed Raiders QBs to do so over the past 50 years. Maybe it would have kept opposing DBs from living on our 2010 line of scrimmage. But as a Harsin-Chris Petersen fan, I digress.)

McCoy is quick-on-his-feet and dynamic, much in the mold of Ryan Dinwiddie, Taylor Tharp, Jared Zabransky and Kellen Moore. Let’s face it, no matter how big of a Lake Travis High school fan I might be, Garrett Gilbert does not remind you any successful collegiate QB… not even the successful Washington State QB named Ryan Leaf. [ouch!]
The biggest difference is that McCoy gets his teammates to play with an electricity and zest that Gilbert could not. Bottomline, the team rallies behind McCoy, much as the Longhorns did for his older brother Colt, and much as the Longhorns did for Vince Young and Major Applewhite.
How good is this Longhorn defense?
Manny Diaz, Manny Diaz Manny Diaz. In Manny we trust.
When legendary Longhorn coach Darrell Royal coached his last season (5-5-1), Fred Akers’ staff came in the following years and produced a 11-1 season with the same players. It’s amazing what new coaches can do. New energy, new pep talks, renewed desires of the kids, renewed trust in the program, recharged and reloaded.
This Longhorn squad didn’t talent last year. It had blue-chippers like all the other Mack Brown teams. Last years team lacked focus and drive. Which is exactly what Manny Diaz’s keeps the throttle on, focus, demands, and high expectations of his boys. Yes, in the department of getting players to play up to their potential, Diaz reminds me of Jimmy Johnson. [Yes, I said it.]
Diaz may not have his full playbook fully installed, nonetheless his players play more opportunistic and stingy than last year. READ: more like an aggressive SEC defense. And sometimes they are over-aggressive and dare the opponent’s offense to exploit their assertive go-getter approach.
Coach Diaz is doing a good job at keeping the opponents guessing and off-balance.
What was last year like as a fan and did you ever expect such a dismal year for the Horns?
No, and I say that knowing that I have been calling for the heads of Mack Brown’ s 60-year-old assistants since Colt McCoy’s freshman year. Even with these “been-retired-since-Vince-beat-USC” coaches on UT’s staff, I truly believed that the talent that Mack Brown has assembled could just line up and embarrassed themselves to an 8-4 record, maybe 7-5 in a worst-case scenario. The way the question was worded, “dismal” is frustrating to read, yet accurate nonetheless.


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