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As always, I really love Trey McLean’s articles about the Texas Longhorns and Mack Brown. He is one of the best writers around. Enjoy! Randy


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•It’s a new day for Texas football.
•2-0 is nice, isn’t it?
•Were there 10,000 BYU fans at DKR Saturday night? It seemed like it.
Manny Diaz might be the best in-game adjuster I’ve seen.

Tony Romo, what in the world were you looking at on that read?
•If Dez Bryant was so cramped up, why was he out there?
•I still don’t like Buddy Ryan.
•I love the double-header Monday Night Football game.
•The Rangers have a 2 1/2 game lead with 15 to play. Hang on, boys.
As we were driving home on Saturday night we were talking about other Texas Longhorns games that were like the BYU game. The Virginia game in 1995? Phil Dawson’s 50-yard field goal won a tight one, but the whole vibe was different. The Auburn game in 1991? Jimmy Saxton relieved Peter Gardere and nearly brought Texas back, but not quite. K-State in 2003? Texas rallied on the legs and arm of Vince Young to win the game, 24-20, late in the fourth quarter. The Horns played two quarterbacks that day, VY and Chance Mock and there are definitely similarities, but it wasn’t the same. Texas had a big lead in that game and gave it up before coming back and winning it late. Any others come to mind? Email me if you have one.

As far as I’m concerned there hasn’t been another game like Texas vs. BYU. That K-State game saw Texas make the switch to Vince Young, but I think everyone in the program knew at some point that year the Horns were going to give VY the keys. This game is its own thing entirely.

Texas was done Saturday night. Sure, it was only 13-0, but it seemed like it was 33-0 and the Texas offense seemed stuck in neutral at best and self-destructive many times. The defense was having trouble stopping the short passing game and penalties were coming at an alarming rate. It seemed the problems of 2010 were back and the entire stadium was nervously watching what looked like a repeat of last year.

But isn’t last year, it’s this year and this isn’t the 2010 team that was unable to fight out of a hole, this is the 2011 team that found a way to fight out of a hole and, more importantly, found a way to win when things looked bleak, overcoming the biggest deficit since 2007. The new staff created ways to kick start the offense and that staff turned the game over to the talented underclassmen, on both sides of the ball, to win it. The result was a defining moment in my eyes for the Texas Longhorns. It was a win that produced the playmakers, leaders and go-to guys on this team going forward and instilled a confidence and a swagger that Texas hasn’t had since 2009. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this win and the importance of how they won. They don’t think they can win; they know they can win. Guys made plays and delivered and that confidence it produced is as valuable as your old jewelry to the Gold Gals. Texas grew up Saturday night and that is outstanding.

It was a great day for Texas, but you are only as good as your next game and the UCLA Bruins don’t really care how inspired the Longhorns looked in the fourth quarter. It’s a new week, a new game against a new team.

Let’s see what happened last weekend and what to expect next weekend.

Texas 17 BYU 16

Let’s get into the specifics of why this win is so important for Texas, shall we? The key word to take away from this game is “change.” The Horns had several changes take place Saturday, both literal and metaphorical. The result is a 2-0 record and a big skin on the wall for the Longhorns. Here’s what I saw Saturday night:

Quarterbacks: Let’s get the bad out of the way first. Garrett Gilbert, the starter all last year and the first two games of this season went 2-8 with two interceptions. He tanked a throw to Jaxon Shipley on third down and while the first interception wasn’t his entire fault, it was a bad read and a terrible decision. After Texas got some momentum running the ball and moved from their own three to midfield, Gilbert threw deep into double coverage and was picked off again at the goal line. That was even a worse read and worse decision and the result was a turnover and a complete deflation of morale in the football stadium. 12 plays later the BYU Cougars capped off a 97-yard touchdown drive and took a 13-0 lead. Texas looked like they were about to get pushed off the cliff and 100,000 Texas fans in the stands could feel it coming. All three quarterbacks played in the next two series, but the drives amounted to very little, but then the defense made a play. Texas punted and Adrian Phillips intercepted a Jake Heaps pass that he threw to the wrong spot at the BYU 25 set the offense with their best field position of the day. CAsh (the rotation of qb’s Case McCoy and David Ash) moved Texas down to the 6 before they had to settle for a field goal. It really wasn’t clear to me if Texas was making a move to a new quarterback or if the CAsh package was just that- a package.

Turns out it was not just a package. After Texas held BYU to 3 & out to start the second half, Case McCoy trotted out at quarterback. And while the fans loved it, it really wouldn’t have mattered who runs out there at quarterback if they didn’t produce. Texas went 62 yards on seven plays, all of them runs, with McCoy and Ash splitting reps at the quarterback spot, and they did it only 2:50. The whole house, from the fans to the sideline, seemed electric from that drive on. The team was energized and guys started making plays on both sides of the ball. After another BYU field goal, Texas again went with CAsh at quarterback, but it is on this drive that I think Texas found their quarterback. Facing a 4th & 4 at the BYU 38, Case McCoy was the qb on the field and took the snap. He rolled to his right and found tight end D.J. Grant at the sticks, hitting him on the run at the sideline for a first down. It was the sort of play Texas expected from VY and the elder McCoy and it was the sort of play that frankly hasn’t been made since those two were here. The Longhorn drive eventually ended when turned it over on downs inside the 20, but that fourth down play showed the staff and the team that McCoy had the goods to get the job done and be that playmaker they need. After the defense shut down BYU on the ensuing drive, it was McCoy that the staff turned to and he delivered the go ahead touchdown. He went 2-3 for 34 yards on that drive, with both completions to Jaxon Shipley, and led Texas in for a touchdown. Facing a 3rd & 9 at the BYU 34 and trailing by one, McCoy hit Shipley over the middle for 20 yards. It was an outstanding catch by Shipley, but McCoy had the confidence and ability to put it on the money in traffic and move the chains and wasn’t afraid of the consequences. He wasn’t playing not to lose, but playing to win. Three plays later Texas scored and took the lead, 17-16. It was a lead they would not give back and it was the dawn of a new day for Texas football and a big change on the 40 Acres- Case McCoy is the starting quarterback.

He’s not the biggest, strongest or most athletic, but he’s got something that the rest of the team responds to. Everyone wants to compare him to his brother, but with his situation and circumstances he reminds me more of Major Applewhite, fighting his way onto the field with bigger names around him and succeeding. David Ash is terrific and when he’s in the Horns are lethal running the ball, but it was McCoy that they turned to when the game was on the line and he responded.

I said the long-term solution at quarterback if it wasn’t Garrett Gilbert was David Ash, but the play of McCoy and the trust of the staff in him tell me it’s Case going forward. Expect to see more CAsh, but I think Case McCoy is the man at quarterback now.

I give a ton of credit to GG, who despite the terrible day and probable demotion was still involved. A backup quarterback is always one play away from coming in, so keep you head up, kid.

Wide Outs/Tight Ends: Another change- the No.1 wide out on the team is Jaxon Shipley. He led the team in receptions and yards with three and 39 and threw the 23-yard pass to ice the game. That 20-yard catch on 3rd & 9 on the final touchdown drive was All-Big 12 stuff. He went over the middle into traffic and made a spectacular catch. He’s polished, tireless and fearless out there and the way Texas moves him around from the slot to the wildcat quarterback means defenses have to account for him every single play.

Mike Davis, Darius White and John Harris weren’t involved as much and White’s fumble of his own catch was weird, but with the way Texas is running the ball now there might not be too many potential receptions out there after Shipley. I would like to see more out of this unit to be honest. I don’t know if the return to the lineup of Marquise Goodwin after starting football on Monday is a testament to how good he is or an indictment about the rest of the wide outs. I think it’s all about how good he is (remember he came out of nowhere in 2009 to be a factor as a true freshman) but I think the shift in skill set from Gilbert to McCoy might change what they are asked to do.

D.J. Grant got his first catch as a Longhorn on that 4th & 4 reception to extend the drive, but they weren’t as involved this week as I thought they would be. Still, that reception was money.

Jaxon Shipley is a star and Marquis Goodwin is a proven vet that can make plays. With Mike Davis as a deep threat, the sky is the limit outside.

Running Backs: Change No.3- Malcolm Brown is the tailback. Fozzy Whittaker got the start again and the first few drives were less than awesome running the ball. Facing a 2nd & 8 from their own five, Brown got his first carry and promptly went 13 yards up the middle for Texas’ first 1st down of the game. Everyone has their role- D.J. Monroe is the lightning, catching a swing pass and taking it 26 yards and running the ball outside three times for 40 yards; Cody Johnson is the goal-line back, scoring two touchdowns on five carries- and Malcolm Brown’s role is the closer. With the lead late in the game, it was Brown that Texas had on the field to run the ball, protect it and end the game. He had 19 yards on two carries on Texas’ final drive, including a 14-yarder on 3rd & 7. He’s just punishing, especially late in the game. He finished with 14 carries for a team-high 68 yards and 11 of those carries were in the second half. See? The closer.

There definitely seems to be a regular rotation now with Monroe, Johnson and Brown and that’s the way it should. Fozzy Whittaker has put in his time and should be in on third downs and special packages like the Wildcat, but the change you’ll see is Malcolm Brown becoming the starting tailback.

Offensive Line: I was very critical of the o-line (if you saw me at halftime you already know that) and I am making myself take a step back and look at the big picture. The Horns rushed for 166 yards in the game and both touchdowns came on the ground. They didn’t give up a sack and did a nice job giving McCoy time to find Shipley down field. The most impressive thing to me was the touchdown drive in the fourth quarter when they were moving the pile and making holes for Malcolm Brown and Cody Johnson. On the other hand, there were false start penalties and the inability to convert on 4th & 1 inside the BYU 20. And it seemed if Malcolm Brown wasn’t in the game then the Texas running game up the middle struggled. Still, the BYU Cougars have NFL talent at outside linebacker and playing a 3-4 is never easy, but the boys up front did a good job in eliminating those outside lb’s and handling the stunts and twists that accompany that 3-4.

It wasn’t perfect, but it’s getting better and I like where we are headed, especially the fourth quarter dominance.

Defensive Line: Change No. 4- Ashton Dorsey has locked down the starting tackle spot. Last week I said Texas was having trouble stopping that inside dive play because the defensive tackle not named Kheeston Randall and mlb play wasn’t as strong as it needed to be. It was a 180-degree turn this week. The emergence of Ashton Dorsey (suspended last week) as a physical presence inside and the stepped-up play of Keenan Robinson at linebacker shut it down this week. SHUT. IT. DOWN. The BYU Cougars had 43 yards rushing on the day and I think about 5 of those came inside. With Desmond Jackson and Calvin Howell coming off the bench the Horns are stout inside; but I wish I could say the same thing about the ends.
I know teams are throwing quick-hitters against Texas, getting the ball out of the quarterback’s hands, but there needs to be more production from the ends. Alex Okafor looked great in zone coverage and I was sure he was getting an interception on it once, but outside of that I didn’t see a lot other than a roughing the passer penalty on 3rd & long. I see five tackles and only one qb hurry from the starting two outside. I need more from you guys. The Cougars seemed to get outside a little bit running the ball against the ends, who had trouble shedding blocks against the big, NFL-type offensive line of BYU. The tackles are bringing it, so the ends need to step up their game.

I’m critical of the ends, but I was extremely impressed with the Texas defensive line on Saturday. BYU has a big, strong, veteran offensive line that is as confident as any group I’ve seen and they were certain they would come and control the line of scrimmage. They didn’t. When they needed to at the end of the game and down by one, they were whipped by a Texas defensive line full of youngsters and their drives stalled. Well done, boys.
Nice to see Chris Whaley getting some reps. The former tailback appears to be on the Lamarr Houston path, from the backfield to defensive tackle. When the ends elevate their play, this d-line is going to be super.

Linebacker: The starting trio finished with 21 tackles and four broken up passes. I thought last week they weren’t great at defending the run consistently. They shut me right up this week. Mr. Hicks, Mr. Acho and Mr. Robinson were lights out, and while BYU had some successes throwing underneath, I think more of it was schematic. And once Manny Diaz tweaked the scheme that went away, too.

Excellent job by the linebackers.

Secondary: Outstanding. They gave up some big plays early and a touchdown pass, but they got two interceptions and held BYU to 192 yards passing, nearly half (86) of which came in the first quarter. That’s the way it goes with such a young unit- there will be some mistakes but there will also be some big plays. And that’s change Nos. 5 and 6- the interceptions.

With Texas struggling offensively and BYU finding a little success in the passing game, the Horns were in trouble. After a punt pinned BYU inside their own 25 in the second Adrian Phillips made a play. Cougars qb Jake Heaps threw what the broadcast called a “misread” but I would call a “dumb pass” to no one on his team. The only player around the ball was Adrian Phillips, who picked it off at the 25 and it led to Texas’ first points of the game. That pick got Texas off the mat and back in the game. The second interception was by Quandre Diggs and it was the big change of the game, because it was the clincher. Leading by 1 with two minutes and change to play, BYU sent their playmaker Ross Apo (a former Longhorn commit) streaking down the sideline with the freshman Diggs in coverage. Heaps threw it deep and Diggs outran Apo to the ball, making a Willie Mays catch at the Texas 43. The Horns would run of the clock and win the game. It was the first career interception for both Diggs and Phillips.

Super day, fells. Everyone grew up some on Saturday in the secondary.

Special Teams: I thought the first half was miserable. D.J. Monroe took a kickoff out of the end zone to start the game and made it all the way to the 11 before being tackled. A 24-yard return off a Texas punt set BYU up at the Texas 37. Some of it was BYU, whose kickers were terrific, getting the ball in the end zone on kickoffs and getting a punt downed inside the five. The Horns were light years better in the second half, highlighted by Marquise Goodwin’s 40-yard kickoff return and Jaxon Shipley’s 20-yard punt return that, while didn’t result in points, helped flip the field and put BYU in a deep field position hole.
I thought Texas would make some plays in the special teams and in the second half they did. It was a good start and I liked the change (no.7) in getting Goodwin back returning kicks again.
Like I said, as good as it feels to win that game last week, it means very little if Texas doesn’t follow up in game three. Speaking of game three…

Game Three

No. 21 TEXAS (2-0) @ UCLA (1-1)
Saturday, September 17h
2:30 pm

The season turned, in a bad way, last year when the UCLA Bruins came to town. Texas was stuck in a defensive battle and turned it over inside their own five on a muffed punt and UCLA ran over, around and through the Longhorns in the second half. It was a stunningly lopsided loss for Texas and it set the tone for the entire season. I think Texas had their tone-setting game last week and while the Bruins do some things very well, the confidence this Texas team has right now is epically high. Will that be enough to get out of the Rose Bowl with a 3-0 record? Let’s see.


Last year it was Norm Chow running the Pistol formation for the Bruins. Now Mike Johnson takes over at the OC and has the offense a little more balanced through the first two games. They still want and need to run to be successful, but they’ll throw the ball a little more than last year. Defensively new DC Joe Tressey wants to attack, attack, attack and the results have been mixed. The Bruins are much better at home than on the road and the season-opening loss to Houston can be avenged with a win over Texas. Let’s see how they plan to do that.

They don’t solely rely on the running game to make things happen, but their bread definitely gets buttered with running backs Jonathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman. Franklin is the starter and had a terrific day against Texas last year. The 5-foot-10, 193-pound junior rushed for 1,127 yards last year and finished 2nd Team All-Pac Ten. He is short, compact and decisive and he isn’t going to lose yards dancing around, instead ducking his head and plowing forward. On the season he has 209 yards rushing and two scores. Derrick Coleman is huge at 5-foot-11, 240 pounds and is a Cody Johnson-type back that excels in short yardage, even though he showed last week he can carry the load for the entire game as well, rushing for 135 second-half yards against San Jose State. They aren’t involved in the passing game much, but UCLA wants to feed them the ball 20 times each and control the game. These two are terrific and if they are successful the passing game opens up.
Quarterback Richard Brehaut is the starter. For now. He and Kevin Prince have played musical chairs at quarterback the last year, but it seems the 6-foot-2, 226-pound junior Brehaut is in. For now. A super athlete with a good arm, Brehaut can do a little bit of everything. Against Houston he was on fire, rushing for 96 yards and a score and throwing for 264 yards and two scores. He cooled off last week against San Jose State, running for 44 yards and throwing for 145 and a score, but he hasn’t turned the ball over this year and gives the Bruins a nice weapon on the backfield that can use his feet to make plays either by design or when the protection breaks down. It seems he’s taken over for Prince, who played well against Texas last year, but who knows? I expect Brehuat to start against the Horns.

Whoever it is has some nice weapons outside, led by Taylor Embree and Nelson Rosario. The 6-foot-5, 219-pound Rosario leads the team with 80 yards a game receiving. He doesn’t have a touchdown on the year and the seven receptions (total) tell me he’s getting behind defenses as they focus on the running game. Embree isn’t quite as big as Rosario at 6-foot-3, 207 pounds, but he’s still a big guy that can use his size to get open. He’s more of a possession receiver than Rosario, but he also benefits from the attention on the running game. As it goes with teams that run the ball well, the guy to watch is the tight end. Against Houston Joseph Fauria had 110 yards on only six receptions for a score and against San Jose State his one catch was a 14-yard touchdown. The Notre Dame transfer is huge at 6-foot-8, 252 pounds (the tallest on the roster) and his size gives him an advantage in the middle of the field against smaller db’s and linebackers. With all the focus on stopping the run, Fauria is a super weapon.

And what makes the running game go? The boys up front. They have a senior-laden unit that has injury issues, but the Bruins are ranked 16th nationally rushing the ball, averaging a whopping 252 yards per game on the ground. That’s not all on the backs and it means the guys up front are paving the way. Averaging 233 yards per game through the air has them the 22nd ranked offense in the nation, scoring a little over 30 points per game, and it means they pass and run blocking equally well. They are big, experienced and terrific and, oh yeah, have no sacks allowed this year.

They want to establish the run, plain and simple. They are going to see if Ashton Dorsey and Keenan Robinson are as good in week three as they were in week two. They went those defensive ends and outside linebackers having to defend the option with Brehaut and the backs and they want to get Texas thinking run first and hit their big wide outs and tight ends downfield. It wouldn’t surprise me if they spread Texas out with four wides to start the game and run Brehaut up the middle and see if Texas can tackle him. I expect some passes to the backs out of the backfield, which is not something they have done a lot of this year, and some screens and draws to counter the pressure Texas is going to bring. Bottom line, though, is UCLA needs to run the ball to be successful and if they cannot, it’ll be a long day for the guys from Westwood.

This is not a great defense. They rank 41st in pass efficiency defense and that’s the best thing they do. Here’s where they rank nationally in everything else: 57th in turnover margin (.00), 60th in sacks (1.5 per game), 61st in pass defense (212.5 ypg), 73rd in scoring defense (27.5 ppg), 88th in rush defense (180.5 ypg) and 108th in tackles for loss (3.5 per game). That all adds up to the 78th overall defense in the country. But this is the same unit that smacked the Texas offense around last year and held them to 12 points, so nothing is a given.
The strength is in the front seven, where six starters return, and… Again, this defense isn’t very good. There is no other way to say it. Sure, they have names and some talent like junior middle linebacker Patrick Larimore who will be playing in the NFL soon enough, but it just hasn’t come together yet. With all the talent and veterans up front, you’d think they would be better at defending the run, but they aren’t.

There are set up a lot like BYU in that the talent and playmaking comes from the linebacker spot. They don’t really get to the quarterback all that often and the secondary is decent but hasn’t shown the ability to change a game with many big plays. There just isn’t much to talk about.

I expect their game plan will be to try and control the line of scrimmage with their front seven and disguise their blitzes to confuse Case McCoy. They want him thinking, not playing, and they will bracket Jaxon Shipley and force McCoy to throw into very small windows if he plans to go to his roommate. They are roommates, right?

Well, I bet they are soon enough.

Slow down the run, confuse McCoy and keep it close is the plan. Will it work? No.

Special Teams
Terrible. They average 32 yards per punt and they allow 7.5 yards per return. That not good. And they allow 22 yards per kickoff return and they have missed an extra point and a field goal in the first two games. Taylor Embree averages seven yards per punt return, but the Bruins only average 17 yards per kickoff return. Again, that not good.

This has to be a serious area of concern for UCLA. Texas has flashed some magic in specials and the Bruins are going to have to work very hard to keep the Horns from totally dominating. I expect a fake punt or a fake field goal, something to compensate for their lack of sizzle.


This defense is bad and this Texas team has to be feeling good about themselves. The Bruins have been torched on the ground so expect Texas come right at them and get the ground game established with Malcolm Brown and a host of packages and formations. Once Texas gets that started I expect to see play-action passes to the tight ends and h-backs as well as crossing routes and quick throws to help Case McCoy make good decisions with the ball and get it into the hands of the playmakers.

I think you’ll see David Ash quite a bit as Texas tries to establish that ground game. The o-line played very well in the second half last week and now they have a chance to assert themselves and dictate tempo to a defense that frankly hasn’t shown they are very good at stopping the run. Time to shine, boys, and get Malcolm Brown & Co. rolling downhill, controlling the clock and the game. Once that get established- and it will get established- Texas will be able to take some shots downfield in the passing game as UCLA commits to stopping the run.
It’s the o-line’s game to win and I think they do that, paving the way for a big day for the backs and solid and efficient day from CAsh.

Own the line of scrimmage and stop the run. If UCLA becomes one-dimensional they are easier to defend, so make it so. Ashton Dorsey and Keenan Robinson need to play at the same level they did last week and the defensive ends need to come to the party. UCLA is going to run some option and test the edge and the Texas d-ends and olb’s will be the ones to deal with it and keep it in check. I want to see a breakout game from Jackson Jeffcoat. Texas simply must have the ends show up if they are to slow down UCLA’s running game.
I think they will. I think Texas is going to do a good job stuffing the run and I see UCLA coming out with a similar attack to BYU by throwing short passes in the flats to try and back off the front seven. While the UCLA quarterbacks are more athletic, I don’t think their o-line is as good and I think they are going to have trouble with the Texas front seven. I don’t see them getting anything consistently after Manny Diaz figures out what they want to do and for the third straight game the Texas defense dominates the second half.

Special Teams
Texas should win this phase, but I want to see them dominate this phase. Texas has some “meh” moments on special teams, but UCLA needs some huge plays to get to “meh.”

Make smart decisions with the ball, fellas, and let’s get some heat on the punter for UCLA. Texas can put them away with a big play and I think they get one, courtesy of the track star back on the football field.

In Conclusion
You can already see the dividends paid by the new staff: second half defensive adjustments, unpredictable play-calling, an offensive line that is nasty and an entire team that is in the right shape mentally and physically to take over games in the fourth quarter. I saw o-linemen pumping up the crowd, running backs and quarterbacks (all of them) excited for each other when big plays happened and the BYU offense confused into time outs and delay-of-game penalties. I saw a team rally around their backup quarterback and overcome a 13-point deficit. They trusted him to make plays and that’s exactly what he did. Now they know they can win a close game and now they know he can win a close game. That’s the final change of the week- the attitude and confidence of the Texas Longhorns.

You will see what a confident and trusting team can do this weekend on the road.

Last Week in the BIG 12

No.1 oklahoma (1-0) IDLE

No. 9 TEXAS A&M (1-0) IDLE




Arizona Wildcats 14 No.7 OKLAHOMA STATE 37
Oklahoma State whipped Arizona. Again. T-Boone Pickens got on TV and started talking. Again. There is something about Oklahoma State I just don’t trust. I watch Brandon Weeden stare down receivers and make some questionable throws and I see that defense giving up a ton of yards. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. They look sharp right now and that’s what counts. And Mike Stoops’ act on the sideline is unbelievably tired. Move on, U of A, you can do better.

No.19 MISSOURI 30 Arizona State 37 OT
If you read anything I write, you know I’m not a very big Gary Pinkel fan. At all. And he did nothing to change my mind Friday night. His team fought their way out of a huge hole, tying the game at 30 and then moved down to the ASU 30 yard line with 20 seconds to play. They trotted out kicker Grant Ressell, an award candidate that had missed a kick earlier, with 12 seconds left to win the game with a 47-yard field goal. As he lined up, the expected time out came to freeze the kicker. Only the thing is, it was his own coach that called a timeout. Yeah, Pinkel he iced his own kicker. And then when they went out there again, he called another timeout. HE CALLED ANOTHER TIMEOUT TO ICE HIS OWN KICKER. AGAIN. And what does he get for it? Ressell missed the field goal and ASU won the game in overtime. Amazing. Utterly amazing.

Iowa Hawkeyes 41 IOWA STATE 44 3OT
Wow, what a great game. The Cyclones looked terrible last week, but rose up and played their tails off against their hated rivals. And it doesn’t matter how they got there, what is important is Paul Rhoads going off after the game, acting like a fan who just saw his team do something awesome. I don’t know how good they are going to be, or if they’ll get to a bowl game, but I love me some Paul Rhoads. Except for October 1st.

Northern Illinois 42 KANSAS 45
Well how about that? You did your part, KU. Paul Rudd taking down the Sons of Anarchy and Kurt Sutter. Way to go Jayhawks! So the only loss in the entire conference is by Mizzou. Thanks for that, Coach Pinkel.

This Week in the BIG 12

Friday, September 16th

IOWA STATE (2-0) @ Connecticut Huskies (1-1) 7 pm ESPN2
I will be watching this game and rooting hard for the Cyclones. How awesome would it be if we head up to Ames in two weeks and we are both undefeated? I know, way ahead of myself. Iowa State can win this. Why? I don’t know. I don’t know much about UConn, other than their coach left for Maryland, Jim Calhoun is cranky and we lost a recruit to them in the next basketball class. Those are good reasons to expect the Cyclones to win, yes? Of course. That is cutting edge analysis.

Saturday, September 17th

Stephen F. Austin (1-AA school) @ No.24 BAYLOR (1-0) 6 pm

Western Illinois (1-AA school) @ MISSOURI (1-1) 6 pm

KANSAS (2-0) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-0) 11:30 am FSN
The run is over, Paul Rudd. I think the Ramblin’ Wreck is going to hammer Jayhawk in Atlanta. Come on, Coach Gill, find a way.

Kent State Golden Flashes (0-2) @ KANSAS STATE (1-0) 6 pm FCS

Kent State is possibly the worst team in all of Division 1 college football. I see a colossal beat down coming and only those in attendance will see it as everyone else will be watching Florida State/ou or anything else on TV.

No.1 oklahoma (1-0) @ No.5 Florida State Seminoles (2-0) 7 pm ABC
You got to fight, fight, fight for FSU! You got to scalp ’em Seminoles!
You got to win, win, win, win this game and Roll on down to make those goals!
For FSU is on the warpath now, and at the battle’s end she’s great.
So fight, fight, fight for victory, the Seminoles of Florida State!

No. 7 OKLAHOMA STATE (2-0) @ Tulsa Golden Hurricanes (1-1) 9 pm FSN
Yikes is this late. The way these two teams throw the ball and play defense it might be last call before the game is over. I think OSU wins this game, but Tulsa is going to sting them with that high-octane offense. What in the world are the Oklahoma State road uniforms going to look like? Who knows. I bet Mr. Pickens is in the broadcast booth, though, talking about how unfair everything is.

Idaho Vandals (1-1) @ No. 9 TEXAS A&M (1-0) 6 pm FSN PPV
You know who went to Idaho? Dauber from Coach. He also is the voice of Patrick on Sponge Bob, Square Pants. I always wondered what happened to him after Coach ended. Do you remember when Rob Schneider was the stat geek on there? That’s when it jumped the shark.

TEXAS TECH (1-0) @ New Mexico Lobos (0-2) 2:30 pm MTN
Friday where the guys will be giving away tickets to the Huey Lewis & the News show next weekend and Danny the Intern will be racing a donkey in the parking lot. Those crazy guys! Here we go, “One of My Kind” by INXS right here on The Mountain. MTN, adult contemporary radio…


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