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Interim Big 12 Commissioner Chuck Neinas talks about Longhorn Network
By Trey Scott
Dallas Morning News
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Big-12 | Texas Longhorns and University of TexasInterim Big 12 Commissioner appeared on SiriusXM’s “College Sports Nation” Friday with Mike Leach and Jack Arute.

Here’s what Neinas had to say about the Longhorn Network and its desire to broadcast high school games or air highlights.”

“I think that the concerns expressed by not only the Big 12 but other institutions as well seem to be about the high school highlights. And the NCAA kind of put a kibosh on doing high school games. Well, the question is, don’t highlights do the same? So I think that’ll be addressed but let me point out to you, you know, there’s others that are going to start thinking about having their own network, too.”

Neinas also didn’t rule out the possibility of a Big 12 Network:

“You know, the Big Ten’s got one. The Pac-[12]’s got one. The SEC’s got one that’s called ESPN. You know, what’s wrong –  I could go around and say, ‘Look, if Texas has got their own network why doesn’t the rest of the Big 12 think about putting something together?'”

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