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Barry Switzer: Oklahoma, Oklahoma State need to remain in same conference as Texas
By Jon Machota
Sports Day DFW
Dallas Morning News
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Regardless of what happens with future realignment in college football, Barry Switzer says Oklahoma and Oklahoma State need to be in the same conference as Texas Longhorns.

Based on the importance of recruiting the state of Texas, the former Oklahoma Sooners coach told on Monday that the Sooners and Cowboys would be making a “hell of a mistake” by not staying with the Longhorns.

“What gives you the best chance to recruit in Texas? To compete against Texas,” Switzer said.

Switzer added that his Oklahoma teams could not have won without Texas Talent, noting that it was difficult to get commits away from Southwest Conference schools that negatively recruited against OU. Switzer said current Sooners head coach Bob Stoops doesn’t have to deal with that because the Sooners are in the same conference as the Longhorns.

“Every home I went into, they all said, ‘let’s keep them in Texas and fight among ourselves and cut OU out of it,'” Switzer recalled. “There are 1,700 high schools south of the Red River and we (recruit) them against Texas, so we need to sell the same things. And we need to be kicking their (behind) in the same league instead of not competing against them in a different league.”

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