McCoy, Favre worked out together in offseason




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McCoy, Favre worked out together in offseason
Posted by Mike Florio
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Colt McCoy, Aaron Rodgers

With Browns quarterback Colt McCoy (former Texas Longhorns) learning the West Coast offense and former Mike Holmgren protege Brett Favre having mastered it over more than a generation, McCoy reached out to Favre in the offseason. And the two men got together for several days to work on McCoy’s preparation for his first season operating the tried-and-true system.

Word of the session first emerged, as best we can tell, on NFL Network prior to Saturday night’s game between the Packers and the Browns, via Steve Mariucci’s conversation with Rich Eisen.

“Since I couldn’t get coached, it was a great opportunity to pick the brains of a guy who’s played in this system for 20 years,” McCoy said Monday, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “It was a chance for me to get a lot of questions answered. We worked on footwork, progressions, reads and things like that. It was definitely a positive trip.”

(In light of the McCoy-Favre get-together, feel free to suggest in the comments a caption for the photo of McCoy and Aaron Rodgers.)

According to the Plain Dealer, McCoy also spoke via phone with former NFL coach Jon Gruden regarding the offense.

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