Lingerie Football’s Mikayla Wingle Joins Survivor Cast




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Lingerie Football’s Mikayla Wingle Joins Survivor Cast
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By Jkootbc
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The evolution of the Lingerie Football League from just some hokey, frat boy fantasy into legitimate entertainment powerhouse is upon us. Say hello to Mikayla (Miki) Wingle, a cornerback/wide receiver for the Tampa Breeze will appear on the upcoming season of Survivor (which is broadcast on CBS, which is owned by Viacom, which owns MTV, which will broadcast LFL games again this season). Of course this is a cross-promotion stunt. And we appreciate it.

Some experts with knowledge of the LFL tell us that Wingle is the Nnamdi Asomugha/Revis of the league. Shutdown corner. Great cover skills. Not afraid of being on an island. Stout in the red zone.

Anyway, so yeah, the hot chick will be on your television starting in September. We looked into Miki’s Twitter account to see what kind of secrets could be found concerning her appearance on the show. Unless you are down with reading 80 @’s to random people it’s a giant bore.

Expect Miki to build an alliance with the cute guy who gave up his investment banking job for the chance of a lifetime to get malaria in a foreign jungle. She’ll be coerced into voting his way but eventually falls for the long-haul trucker from Milwaukee who loses 85-pounds via a water and fish diet. They fall in love and he becomes a Lingerie Football League executive.

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