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Colt McCoy : Last season ‘unacceptable’ for Texas Longhorns Football
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Browns quarterback and former Texas star Colt McCoy was on with KESN-FM 103.3 to talk with “Galloway and Company” about trying to prepare for the upcoming season and his new book “Growing Up Colt.” Here are some of the highlights:

How are you holding up the past 24 hours with the lockout news?

Colt McCoy: It’s been kind of unique. I was really looking forward to having an offseason, especially with new coaches, and really kind of having the first one going in as “the guy.” But you can’t make any excuses; you’ve got to find a way to get some work.

Have you been plugged in to the situation through your player rep and when do you think you’ll start going to training camp?

Colt McCoy: I think our player rep’s done a tremendous job of letting us know what’s going on and where we’re at. All I know, is as soon as a fair deal is out there, we’ll jump all over it and get back to work. For our team, we need that time.

What have you told Garrett Gilbert and those guys moving forward from last year?

Colt McCoy: The best advice I can give is 5 and 7 is unacceptable and you’ve got to figure out what made that happen and where it came from. Give them credit, those guys have worked their tails off this summer.

You’ve grown up around football your whole life, what was it like to write this book with you dad?

Colt McCoy: It was great. I was extremely skeptical at first about writing a book. I’ve turned down writing a book several times, but when they approached me in a way that my mom and dad would be highly involved and it wouldn’t necessarily be an autobiography, it would be kind of a I grew up and the way I was raised, I kind of jumped on ship and did it. We had a great time doing it together. Our full intention of this book was so that it would help others, whether that is parents, athletes who are trying to make it or coaches. I think it could impact a wide group of people.

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