The Greatest Pro Athlete Candy Bars Of All Time




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No Texas Longhorns or Mack Brown subjects here, but this brings back memories when I was young, so I wanted to share with others …. Which bars do you remember? Randy

The Greatest Pro Athlete Candy Bars Of All Time
by Nathan
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Today is the 4th of July which means it’s time to grill some cows, sets some other stuff on fire and make fun of people who have squirrels as pets. Sure that may sound crazy but wait until you try on a pair of fresh acorn underwear.

randall cunningham bar


Pete Rose Candy Bar


isiah thomas candy bar


ken griffey jr candy


mark price bar


Muhammad Ali Candy


Reggie Jackson candy bar


doug gilmore candy


carmelo anthony candy


mike mussina candy

shaq candy bar


chipper bar


Big Mo candy bar


maria andretti bar


babe ruth candy bar

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