Catching up with: Colt McCoy




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Catching up with: Colt McCoy
Former Texas Longhorns and current Cleveland Browns QB Colt McCoy has spent some time in Austin this spring and summer.

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What brings you back to Austin?
Since we do have some time, I’ve always wanted to be able to do a football camp and share with kids in junior high and high school what has taken me to where I am. “Here are the things that I did.” Not that I’m perfect in any way – I’ve made my mistakes along the way, but I was fortunate enough to land here at Texas and have great teammates and coaches and a great career. I can’t wait to come back and have a camp here in Austin. I hope tons of kids make it. It’s July 8-9. We’re having it at Westlake High School, and I’m pumped to be able to come back to my city and throw a camp. It’s for ages eight all the way to high school. Come and enjoy. It is a skills camp for the older guys who know what position they play. We’ll work on techniques. We’re going to work with quarterbacks and receivers and help them get better. For the younger guys, we’ll play games and go through drills and things to really develop their skills at a young age. I’m excited about. I can’t wait. Again, it’s July 8-9. (

What have you been doing this summer with the NFL lockout in place?
We’re in Austin just waiting on the lockout to get settled. It’s frustrating at times because you want to be there working out, training with your teammates, learning the new offense. We have new coaches, [and] we have a new defensive coordinator so our whole system is different. At times it’s frustrating because you want to be there learning and studying and developing that timing and rhythm with your guys, but in reality it can’t happen until the lockout’s ended. All we can do in this time is train and prepare on our own, stay in shape, really study hard without your coaches and get together with your receivers, your skill guys, your tight tends, your running backs and try to simulate what we would be doing if we were in Cleveland – throwing, studying and doing minicamp-type things. We get together and do those and really work hard when we’re doing that. You just have to trust each individual, each teammate, that they’re kind of handling their own and when it all gets settled and done we’ll go back up and try to make a fast start and pick up right where we left off from the last minicamp that we got together.

What’s it like being back in Austin for the summer?
It’s great. I’m so blessed and privileged to have gone to a great university like Texas. I love Texas and I’m fortunate enough to have my teammates come down and we’re able to train and throw together here in town, and they love Austin. It’s a great place. That makes it fun considering the circumstances.

Do you like living in Cleveland?
Cleveland’s great. I guess probably the biggest adjustment for me is the weather, how cold it is. It makes for football games being a lot different because of the weather, but I love it. I love the people. I love our stadium. I love our team. We’ve got great teammates. We just hired a new staff headed up by Coach [Mike] Holmgren, and I love our staff. I’m just anxious to get up there and work with them and grow and start playing football again.

What’s it like playing with former Texas PK Phil Dawson?
Phil is great. He’s obviously a veteran. He’s been through the ups and down in Cleveland and it’s a privilege to have him on my team. We certainly watch the Longhorns play and root for them and stand up for them in the locker room and those types of things. It’s good to have somebody else from UT that we way we don’t get ganged up on individually.

What’s it like seeing so many Longhorns in the NFL?
Every team we play it seems they have somebody that you played with or someone that you know that played at UT, and that’s pretty cool. After the game you can go up and shake their hands and talk to them, and it’s really like family. That’s pretty neat. I played against Cincinnati [Bengals] this year and they have Jordan [Shipley], Quan [Cosby], Cedric Benson, [Roddrick] Muckelroy – they’ve got a ton of guys. After the game we’re out taking pictures together because it’s all my old teammates. You’ll never lose that sense of family with those guys.


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