Omaha CWS: Water Swallows Parking Lots




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Water Swallows Parking Lots
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Water swallows parking slots

The northeast part of Lot D, east of TD Ameritrade Park, was a muddy mess Wednesday morning after water bubbled up out of city storm sewers on Tuesday. The problem has put more than 200 parking spaces in the lot out of commission for the College World Series, officials said Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority, which oversees the stadium and the Qwest Center Omaha, is working with the city and engineers to protect the rest of the lot, officials said. Lot D has nearly 2,300 spaces. There are about 5,000 total spaces around the stadium and the Qwest Center.

Water was gurgling out of the storm sewer grates in parts of the D-17 and D-18 sections on Tuesday afternoon. Water was visible just below the grates in other areas. MECA officials said the lost spaces would be replaced elsewhere around the ballpark and Qwest Center.

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