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Mission Accomplished
Many current and former Longhorn football players recently reached their goal of obtaining a degree from the University of Texas.

Harrison Lindsey, Texas Media Relations
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AUSTIN, Texas – Friday was a day that was full of mixed emotions as over twelve former and current Texas football players received their diplomas from the University of Texas.

Tim Crowder (2003-2006), who received his degree in applied learning from the College of Education, and most recently played defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, remarked on why it was important for him to come back and earn his degree.

“It’s always something to fall back on. I promised my parents that I would do this one of these days,” Crowder said. “It’s just a big accomplishment for me to be able to finish school, and it’s so important for my kids in the future to be able to show them that I graduated from college and that they have to continue that tradition.”

Lamarr Houston (2006-2009), another current NFL star and former Longhorn defensive tackle, received his degree in corporate communications. Houston expressed how important it was for his mother that he graduate.

“I wanted to be the first boy from my family to graduate from college,” said Houston. “It was important for my mother. I think she cried in the grocery store today when she had told somebody I was graduating. So she is just overwhelmed.”

Another former player, wide receiver Montrell Flowers (1998-2001) talked of his long journey back to the University of Texas.

“To step away from school, go into the regular world, and come back and find out that I was so far behind was difficult,” said Flowers who received his degree in youth and community studies. “But it feels so good that I was able to pull it off. I was here two years straight and had to keep a “B” average. So I took the real hard route, and I guess that I appreciate it a little bit more than the normal college student right now.”

Current Longhorns linebacker Keenan Robinson, who has a year of eligibility remaining, received his degree in physical culture and sports with a business minor. Robinson spoke of how he can now breathe a bit easier with his already having received his bachelor’s degree.

“I got what I came here for and now it’s just doing what my second dream in my life is, and that’s trying to get to the NFL,” said Robinson. “Sometimes class can overload you, so now I can take a step back and just work on football more and school a little bit less now.”

Keenan’s mother, Diane Smith, spoke of how proud she was of her son for graduating.

“This is a dream come true, and glory to God, that he is able to fulfill one of his dreams,” Smith said.

Another proud parent was Sonny Acho, father of Arizona Cardinals draftee and former Longhorns defensive end Sam Acho who graduated with a degree in marketing from the business honors program.

“He’s come here and done very well,” said Sonny Acho. “He has represented Christ well, got a good education in business honors, and now has been drafted by the Cardinals. So we are grateful, and we couldn’t ask for anything better in our lives.”

Along with his father, Sam Acho spoke of his excitement about obtaining his degree.

“Graduation is so special. Especially for what it means,” Acho said. “I am about to be a Texas-Ex and an official Texas graduate, and that took four years of hard work and dedication. So it’s just an exciting time for me and my family.”

Acho also remarked on the value he puts on education and why it is important to him as a professional football player.

“If you’re a football player you might play five years in the NFL, ten if you’re lucky. But after that you have to have something to fall back on, and that’s where your education comes into play. Even for the guys who don’t make it to the NFL, they’ll be able to use that great education from UT to do whatever they want in life.”

Also taking part in the graduation festivities was head football coach Mack Brown, who was asked to be the commencement speaker for the College of Education. Brown gave advice to the hundreds of graduates in Gregory Gymnasium on how to tackle the real world.


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