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Draft Q&A with Sam Acho
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Sam Acho caught up with MB-TF.com from his family’s home in Dallas shortly after he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals.

What was it like when you got the call and Arizona was on the other end?
I was speechless. I had no idea. They weren’t even really on my list of teams that I thought might take me. When I got that call and they said if the Browns didn’t pick me, then they were going to, I was speechless. They told me “congratulations” and that they were hoping I would be at this position and that they were really excited to have me. They were excited and I am too.

How much do you know about them since you hadn’t focused on them as being one of the teams that would take you?
I’m excited to learn more about them. I know they have some [experienced] linebackers like Joey Porter, and they also have some younger linebackers that they have on their roster. They want me to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4. Their defense is like Pittsburgh’s, so it will be similar to that.

How do feel about the Phoenix area as the place you’ll be living?
It could not be a better area to be going to. I remember we played in the Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix two years ago, and I loved it there. I couldn’t think of a better place. It’s great weather. They’re a great team. I know they have unbelievable facilities and a great stadium, so I love it.

What was your day like today as you waited to be picked?
When the time came today, we got family and friends together again and we all sat around and had some breakfast and watched it. All of sudden the phone rings, and we see that it’s Arizona. I picked up and started talking to them and then my whole group of family and friends just screams. They were so excited. They were just saying, “We’re going to Arizona. We’re going to Arizona.” My family is excited and I’m still excited and speechless, and I’m just giving glory to God.



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