Catching up with: Bobby Lackey




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Catching up with: Bobby Lackey
The former Longhorn quarterback and kicker was recently inducted into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame.

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Bobby Lackey played quarterback and kicker at Texas from 1957-1959 and helped the Longhorns win their first SWC title under Darrell Royal his senior year. He led the team in scoring in both 1958 and 1959.

What does it mean to you to be inducted into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame?
It is a very exciting time, and I don’t know as a high school player how you could have a greater honor than being inducted into your state high school hall of fame.

How does it feel being inducted with fellow Longhorns Quan Cosby and Pat Culpepper?
That’s really great. We have an awful lot of Longhorns in the Hall right now, so there are three more tonight.

How did it feel helping Texas beat OU in 1958?
That was a great time. We hadn’t beaten OU for about eight years I think, and that was the first year of the two-point conversion, and Coach Royal said if we score first we are going for two points and we are going to put the pressure on them. And we did. We scored first, and then scored the two points, and they got ahead and we got it back in the fourth quarter and beat them fifteen to fourteen. So it was an exciting time.

Do you think your years playing here laid the groundwork for the future success of UT football under Coach Royal?
I think so. It was a building time for him. That was my junior year, and he didn’t recruit me. I was a freshman when he came, in the fall or that spring. That was the start of his re-building program. Actually we beat A&M in 1957, 9-7. They had a heck of a football team, and were number one in the nation until Rice beat them 7-6, and then we beat them the following Thanksgiving Day, 9-7, and then they lost to Tennessee by two points in one of the bowl games. So their last three games were really tough for them.

Did you ever think you would be inducted into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame?
I don’t know if you think about those things. You think about playing and winning, and enjoying your life at the time. So I don’t think I ever thought about that.


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