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Turner’s Touchdown Blog
Spring Ball
By Scott Turner – featured writer Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report
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Watching the Orange & White Scrimmage Game without access to pen, paper, stats or commentary of any kind from radio or tv, here are some fact-free impressions.

Spring Ball:  I know that I am not breaking any new ground when I note that Spring games are just plain awkward. You are rooting for both sides and simultaneously wanting to watch big hits and big plays…and cringing when you actually see them.  Anytime someone on your team does well, someone else on your team therefore got burned.  The classic double-edged sword. In general I thought that the defense looked better than the offense today. Yes, the offense scored a few times but never seemed to establish any real rhythm. And when they did complete a pass, I was impressed that the tackling in the secondary prevented excessive yards after the catch.

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