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Turner’s Touchdown Blog
New School & Old School
By Scott Turner – featured writer at Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report
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Watching the Orange & White Scrimmage Game without access to pen, paper, stats or commentary of any kind from radio or tv, here are some fact-free impressions.

New School/ Old School. The second of two consecutive Harsin trick plays ended with a high speed chase at the West sideline…right into Earl Campbell’s shaded golf cart. The symbolism of Harsin’s New School (balanced offense infused with deception) physically meeting Campbell’s Old School (hero-centric running back offense) struck me right away.

Getting younger at that position. What happened to all that gray hair?  You couldn’t help but notice that Texas got a lot younger at the coaching position in the offseason. Young, fit, energetic coaches running up and down the sidelines and onto the field encouraging and correcting their players.  Rather than grandfatherly types, these fresh faces looked like they could be older brothers to the guys on the team. What a different dynamic that must be! And Mack himself looked like he’s been sipping from the fountain of youth. After a sack, teammates did a running chest-bump. Good to see the camaraderie, but not particularly noteworthy. However, it was refreshing to see Mack unexpectedly follow up with a chest bump of his own. I hope that the players (and recruits?!) appreciated it as much as we civilians did in the stands.

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