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By Scott Turner – featured writer Silver and Blue Report and Hook’em Report
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Watching the Orange & White Scrimmage game without access to pen, paper, stats or commentary of any kind from radio or tv, here are some fact-free impressions.

Smart…Very Smart. Sam Acho received very warm applause for having been honored as a two-time academic All American and the top student athlete in the nation. He is a posterchild for what Mack and the university want here – brains, character and results on the field.   At one point during an uneventful part of the game, I noticed Mack on the monitor talking to Colt. The crowd erupted in appreciation and sentimentality.  Mack and Colt continued to talk and laugh and then shake hands and then bear hug on the field. Laughs and smiles were everywhere. I could only wonder how many recruits must be in the crowd noting the family atmosphere and true affection that Mack and Longhorn Nation have for their heroes long after their college days are done. I know that Mack really feels that affection…and it is smart as hell for him to actually display it in public. Must be pretty enticing for a 17 or 18 year old highschooler deciding between the right school and those other guys.

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