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Longhorn Q&A: Mike Davis
Afer a recent practice, sophomore wide receiver Mike Davis sat down with MB-TF.com

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On today’s practice: We improved a lot. I think every day in practice we improve. I think our team’s improving day by day, and we’ll be ready. I like the way our defense looks, and I like the way our offense looks. And our quarterbacks are looking good.

On adjusting to a new offense: I’m picking it up pretty fast, and I just want to get better and better every day and do what I can to help my team. I have to give it to the quarterbacks for getting me the ball and letting me use what God gave me.

On the hardest thing about adjusting to a new offense: Really, I think the signals. We know the plays and stuff, but on the sideline we’ve got somebody with the cards, somebody with the plays, and somebody with the formations. So you’ve got to get your eyes over there and look at three different people. It’s kind of tough, but you have to get focused and look over there.

On taking more of a leadership role: Yeah, most definitely. I think for the younger receivers to look up to me, I’m going to be a good role model for them and I’m going to do what I can to help them so they can get in my shoes.

On what he wants to accomplish the last week of practice: Just getting better. Working every day to perfection and just continue to help the team, that’s all.

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