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Kevin Thomas
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Kevin Thomas, from Ontario, Canada (6’8″), is a 200 forward.  Kevin just signed a letter of intent to play basketball next season at Texas.

Here is some good information from ESPN about Kevin Thomas

  • Ajax, Ont., Canada
  • Christian Faith Center Academy High School
  • 6’8″ Height
  • 205 lbs Weight

Thomas has a great body with plenty of strength, length, and athleticism at his disposal, in addition to being left handed. Thomas does a great job of scoring around the basket, using his good leaping ability to out-jump opponents. He also gets off the floor quickly which catches defenders off-guard when Thomas grabs an offensive rebound and quickly goes up for the finish before defenders have time to react. Defensively, he’s much more effective defending the interior than perimeter and is a good weak side shot blocker.

Kevin rarely takes full advantage of physical his tools around the rim, instead drifting to the perimeter, and although he has solid ball skills would be much more effective playing the game inside-out. He should be a good rebounder but he doesn’t put a big enough emphasis on it.

Bottom Line:
Kevin Thomas is a physical specimen who needs to continue to work on his skill set. He is very strong and has the ability to score both inside and outside. He has all of the tools to become a very good player, now he needs to work on his game. He really runs well and is an active rebounder at times, but needs to get more consistent in all of these areas of the game.


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