Thomas Johnson: Commit Number 7 For 2012




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Thomas Johnson: Commit Number 7 For 2012
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Hailing from the un-cappable pipeline of Dallas Skyline, Thomas Johnson is further proof that if we want to own Dallas, we own Dallas. This isn’t you’re late 80?s or early 90?s coaching staff anymore. So who did the popular pass catcher scorn in order to take Mack Brown up on his offer?

Just about everybody, including the silver briefcase troika of of Oregon, Auburn, and Baylor. As well as the pious schools of Notre Dame, TCU, and Oklahoma. And liberal institutions like Colorado, Cal, and Texas A&M. Find the outliers!

You name it, they offered. Johnson even passed on the opportunity to be on probation by turning down Kiffykins and the chance to fall asleep to rhythmic gunfire.

So now he’s Orange House bound and the Skyline wing is battling DeSoto and Brenham for house supremacy.

We’ve written about Johnson at length here, but a quick refresher for any Cosm plebes that may be out there:

Johnson started his scholastic career at The Dallas School for Kids Whose Parents Love Them More Than Yours Love You. There, he paired with the traitorous Mormon Ross Apo to create perhaps the most deadly duo of pass catchers in the history of modern blue blood schooling. Obviously nobody compares to Harvard twins Saxton and Braxton Shuttlesworth.

But trouble was brewing in Blissville. Pissed off that he was forced to wear his pants around his waist and endure daily renditions of Amy Grant performing the Pledge of Allegiance, young Thomas transferred and “got his game on dawg,” at DFW powerhouse Dallas Skyline.

Everything was going as planned until he lost most of his Junior year due to an ankle injury. It didn’t keep him from getting noticed by the schools mentioned above and many others, or from putting together this here highlight film.

There’s a lot of give and take in this video for me. One, he shows really good hands and initial burst. His top end speed is legit but he’s been hampered by injury. You may have heard some comparisons to Montrell Flowers, but where Johnson is bigger and has better hands. Johnson has lots of tools to put to use, but I don’t expect a Mike Davis-type Freshman impact.

For me he’s the #3 WR prospect in the state, and number four is further than the horizon.

As I’ll do with many of the recruits, I’ll go into detail of just how I envision Harsinwhite using him after I attend some practices and watch the Spring Game thirty times.

For now, enjoy yet another great pickup for the Horns. Darrell Wyatt is doing quick work on the recruiting trail and he’s just getting going.

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