Paul Boyette: Commit Number 11 For 2012




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Paul Boyette: Commit Number 11 For 2012
Posted by Tipsy Gypsie

So pop the seal on your favorite vintage of Purple Drank and put the Gray Tape on the highest decibel. Let the trunk rattle, for today we celebrate.

In all honesty I’m as happy as our Humble commenters about this as they are. Numbers at the Defensive Tackle position be damned, Paul Boyette’s a take. So let’s talk numbers for a minute. The common number being thrown about is 2. With Alex Norman already in the fold and now Boyette, there will be worry amongst the Javonte Magee fans that we won’t have room for him. That’s not to mention the Malcom Brown myopics out there. Trust the staff on this. They wouldn’t have offered Boyette with the other two offers outstanding if they didn’t think the numbers would work.

With the 2012 Defensive End class less than stellar, perhaps the staff feels that Magee can play DE for a year or two. Or, maybe the staff thinks Norman can give them DE minutes in a 3-4 look. Regardless, if Magee wants to come you let him, and Brown is the type of player you wait until signing day if you think you’re still in the running.

Now some of you will look at where Boyette ranks according to some of the in-state services and you’ll come here and wonder aloud: But is he Texas good?

This is a question wearing thin on me. He’s ‘Bama good. He’s FSU good. Those would be the two teams that topped us in the final recruiting rankings last year. He also holds offers from Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Notre Dame. Yes, he’s Texas good.

Admittedly, that’s a fairly weak compiliation of highlights. To check out the Rivals video, use this nickname: Vasherizedinstillettos. You’ll also need a password; milanfashionweek+100. That should also work for various Suisse banc accounts.

From watching the Youtube highlights, the thing I get most excited about is Boyette’s ability to keep the OL away from his body while he reads and reacts. He shows a good ability throughout the highlights of making plays against the run while shedding blockers.

From watching other videos of Boyette I’ve noticed he does an excellent job of batting down balls in the passing lane if he can’t get to the passer. He seems to always stick with the play. He’s got some technique issues to deal with, as just about all young Defensive Tackles do. He plays too high, but that’s what Bo Davis gets paid for.

Speaking of Davis, if he wasn’t on campus, I doubt we’d ever have taken a hard look at Boyette. If Boyette turns into the next Rodrique Wright, we have Davis to thank.

Boyette and Norman should form a formidable tandem down the road and if we miss on both Magee and Brown, I’ll be OK with it. Yeah, I said it.

Welcome to Longhorn Family, Paul Boyette.

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