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By Nicco Martinez
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This is Jerry Gray on February 4, 1990, returning an interception 51-yards for a touchdown in the 1990 Pro Bowl in Hawaii. In addition, his 7 tackles also proved big in the NFC’s 27-21 victory  in which Jerry was awarded the MVP of the 1990 Pro Bowl. The 1989 season was a banner year for Gray, in addition to being the Pro Bowl MVP, the former Texas Longhorn was also named the NFL’s Defensive Back of the Year (1989). The Lubbock Estacado prep star was selected to the Pro Bowl four times after being drafted in the 1st round by the L.A. Rams.

My memory of Jerry running down Auburn’s Bo Jackson (and separating Bo’s shoulder on the tackle) and saving a touchdown was one of the biggest plays of the game in the Longhorns 35-27 victory at Memorial Stadium (DKR). Need I mention that he also had the game’s lone interception to go along with his 8 solo tackles and a forced fumble to lead to 4th-ranked Horns over the ninth-ranked Tigers.

Jerry, we are excited to have Sherry and you back in Austin, and we want to offer up a warm Texas homecoming to one of our brightest stars.



Left to right, top to bottom: Keli McGregor (88), tight end, Col. St.; Larry Williams (75), lineman, Notre Dame; Duval Love (67), lineman, UCLA; Mike Kelley (63), center, Notre Dame; Howard Schnellenberger, Coach of the Year, Miami; Andrew Campbell (67), lineman, SMU; Bill Fralic (79), lineman, Pitt.; Paul Woodside (3), kicker, W. Va.; Napoleon McCallum (30), running back, Navy; Doug Flutie (22), quarterback, Boston College; Greg Allen (26), running back, Fla. St.; Bo Jackson (34), running back, Auburn; Al Toon (87), receiver, Wis.


Left to right, top to bottom: Lee Johnson (10), punter, Brigham Young; Ray Childress (53), lineman, Texas A & M; Jack Del Rio (52), linebacker, USC; Gregg Carr (54), linebacker, Auburn; Brad Cochran (30), defensive back, Michigan; Bruce Smith (78), lineman, Virginia Tech; Craig Swoope (12), defensive back, Illinois; Tony Degrate (99), lineman, Texas; Micah Moon (39), linebacker, North Carolina; Kevin Murphy (39), lineman, Oklahoma; Jerry Gray (2), defensive back, Texas; Liffort Hobley (29), defensive back, LSU.

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