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Cut their ties, Mack
By Nicco Martinez
Featured author at Hook’em Report and Silver and Blue Report

I’m at a point where I’m comfortable saying that Mack is laying an egg with respect to Cleve …. and Mad Dog Madden.

I like the Pitt Panthers approach of cutting ties with their new coach asap.

If Mack worked for a private corp then I can see him fighting for “his guys” behind closed doors, but at the most visual dept at an upper echelon public university, it’s an embarrassment that Mack has maintained being surrounded by underachievers for soooo many years. It’s a definite case of two steps forward and one step back.

It’s January, and if Mack can’t sense the elevated levels of post-season then let me inform him that the Mr Nice Guy gloves are off across the football universe. With all due respect to any people who have expressed interest to Mack and are currently employed elsewhere: We will let you finish out bowl games or playoffs however, we need to make announcements NOW and declare that you’re locked in.

We don’t want the Gators or Broncos or Titans or Hurricanes courting the staff that Mack covets while Mack professionally waits. Waiting, from this point on, only further destabilizes our recruits/players and fractures the fan base revenue stream.

Get rid of Cleve, get rid of Mad Dog, make announcements of hires asap.

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