If Paul Chryst Goes To Pitt, Does Team Turn To Major Applewhite?

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Texas Football: If Paul Chryst Goes To Pitt, Does Team Turn To Major Applewhite?
By Kris Hughes
Bleacher Report (Great Site)

Major Applewhite is as associated with Texas football as any other figure in the history of the program. His exploits on the football field as one of the Longhorns’ greatest leaders are still recounted often among long-time fans.

Start a conversation about the school’s best all-time quarterbacks and his name is sure to be a part of the conversation.

Even though it has not been formally confirmed, it is assumed that Mack Brown offered Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst the offensive coordinator job after his interview on Monday, an offer which he is carefully considering.

After all, the move for Chryst would make sense financially (doubling his salary), even though on the surface it could be viewed as a “lateral” move, from one offensive coordinator position to another.

In the past 24 hours, Chryst has been mentioned along with Tulsa head coach Todd Graham, Florida defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and possibly former Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez as candidates for the University of Pittsburgh head coaching position.

If Chryst is a candidate for the Pitt job he has an interesting decision to make. Does he make the leap into head coaching at this point in his career, even though the position may not have the prestige that taking a coordinator’s job at Texas would have?

Or, does he accept Mack Brown’s offer to take over the reins of the offense at Texas for a greater salary?

It’s ultimately a question of money versus title and which holds the greatest importance for Chryst at this juncture. If it’s title, Major Applewhite could re-enter the picture as a viable candidate for the Texas offensive coordinator job.

If Chryst’s decision to take the Pitt job isn’t enough for Applewhite to again be seriously considered, you’ve got to wonder what it will take. And I’m sure the same is on the former Longhorn quarterback’s mind.

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