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Here is a very interesting Forum I read and wanted to share it. Randy

Chosen One (Forum)
Is it just me or does just hearing the new coaches speak make you realize just how old, and stagnant the prior offensive staff members had become? I know that the staff inst completely finished but hearing from previous players and recruits it sounds as though they will be able to relate and identify and be motivated much more then last year. AS impressive as it is that Mack was able to keep all recruits during this process, it kind of says alot about how the players really didnt care that their position coaches left, its almost as if they are looking at this as an upgrade in coaching? Again i know those coaches put in alot for the school, but it couldnt be more clear that this change needed to happen and probably did a year too late.

Bobby Burton (Forum)
Total difference in age is pretty astounding.
Only Bobby Kennedy and Darrell Wyatt were essentially the same age.
* Bo Davis 39 or 40 – Mike Tolleson – 62 or 63
* Manny Diaz 36 – Will Muschamp 41
* And if it’s Harsin (34) vs Davis (~63), that’s 30 years.
* S&C Coach as well. That’s a loss of about 18 years or so difference.

That’s also losing a lot of experience obviously. That’s be 78 years total on the staff.
Add in the replacement for McWhorter, who will also likely be younger, and you have a very different mix.

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