Allocating Golden Tickets by Position




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Allocating Golden Tickets by Position
Posted by Tipsy Gypsie

It’s that time of year again, Cosmonauts. If being a recruitnik equals addiction–and it assuredly does–the month of February is the equivalent of a 50 foot glass table covered in some of that George Jung snowfall.

While that sounds like something Jamarkus McFarland would have contrived for a creative writing assignment, there is some merit. Trust me, this time of year has me blowing up my sources phones looking for a fix like I was part of the ’86 Mets. Or a broker at Lehman Brothers. Or anything NYC related from the 80?s. New Jack City, holla!

Rather than turning this post into a drug addled biography on par with Lawrence Taylor’s I Can Haz Eightballs AND Footballs?, lets talk about how this cycle could potentially hash out from a numbers standpoint.

The popular consensus is that the 2012 class will come in around 20-22 kids. While that takes a measure of clairvoyance concerning unforeseen attrition, I happen to agree with it. Keep in mind that number could rise based on needs or because a kid like Brandon Alexander blows up late in the process. As always, the recruiting game is a crap shoot. If you accept up front the fact that recruiting, like history, is a collage of the past, present, and future; you’ve already got a leg up on your fellow Cosmonauts.


Quarterback (1)
It would be an absolute shock if our QB of choice wasn’t one of Connor Brewer, Trevor Knight, or Matt Davis. Right now I’d say the smart money is on Brewer given his family ties with UT. Knight has some David Ash to him and Major is a fan. While Davis is a stud, he’s coming off injury and is a prototypical dual threat.

My year in advance prediction on who signs: Connor Brewer

Running Back (2)
At this point Texas really only has eyes for two. Must I name them? You know what, I’m not going to. If you don’t know their names then you’re not coming here often enough. Shame on you. Let this post serve as your gateway drug.

MYIAPOWS: Trey/Gray.

Wide Receiver (2)
Much like the top two running backs in state, the top two wide receivers also offer very different skill sets. Cayleb Jones is much like running back #1 in that he is the complete package. Thomas Johnson is much like running back #1A in that he’s more of an explosive home run hitter. Other guys could definitely be in play here but may be offered as athletes. The “athlete” pseudo position is loaded with many kids that could play either wide receiver or defensive back.

MYIAPOWS: I think we land both Jones and Johnson and then maybe look to add a third via an athlete offer.

Tight End (2)
Uh, Hasan Ridgeway? If ever there was a time to look out of state, this would be it. Maybe Zach Pianalto has a younger brother?

MYIAPOWS: If Harsin can find 3 capable TE’s for Boise St., I trust he can find us a few diamonds in the rough in Texas should we decline to recruit a 5 star OOS kid. Maybe we can take a page out of TCU’s book and offer some larger QB or DE types? Or just fucking clone Jermichael Finley again. THE VOLLEYBALL SETS FOR INTS STOP HERE!

Offensive Line (4)
There’s lots of bodies statewide, but the key for this cycle is tackles, and frankly I’m just not as high as some others on the position. The need for tackles makes three guys must haves; Curtis Riser, Kennedy Estelle, and Michael ‘No False’ Starts. As stated here before, Riser may be an elite guard prospect if not a tackle. Estelle brings great size and mobility but is still raw. Starts is also a fantastic athlete with a nasty disposition. Guys like John Michael Mcgee, Trey Keenan, Boone Feldt, and Kyle Marrs will all be in the mix.

MYIAPOWS: Riser could be an early addition along with Keenan. I think Estelle and Starts will take a little longer, but will eventually side with the good guys.


Defensive line (5)
A number of scenarios could play out here. In years past we were the early favorite to land the top defensive lineman, but that’s not the case as we’re behind pole position for both Mario Edwards and Malcom Brown. Both of those guys have teammates that could become Horns and help sway them, but for the time being we’re going to have to actually recruit. Next in line on the d-line totem pole is Javonte Magee and Paul Boyette. Boyette’s name has been blowing up of late with the hiring of former Bama coach Bo Davis. Boyette was good enough for Saban and he’s definitely good enough for us. He also loves UT. Boyette has a couple of teammates on his Humble d-line that are getting some interest in Zorrell Ezell and Kyndahl Hill. Hill is an intriguing guy because of his measurements and growth potential. He’s currently at about 6’5? and 200 lbs. I like the kid a lot, but it will take some development to hone his raw talents off the edge. Devonte Fields from Arlington Martin is another guy that’s been mentioned of late. He’ll be a tough pull as he appears to be an Okie lean at this point. His former teammate Danzel Williams is a current OU pledge.

MYIAPOWS: This is probably the toughest position to predict, but here goes:
Boyette, Hill, Magee, Edwards, and Brown. If we land a commitment from Brandon Alexander and a verbal pledge from Tim Cole I really like our chances with Brown. I think Edwards proves to be the toughest out of the five to land with it being a two horse race the whole time between us and FSU.

Linebacker (3)
Perhaps the deepest position in the state, all signs point to our next crop of ‘backers coming from Tim Cole, Peter Jinkens, Alex De La Torre, Jordan Richmond, or Damien Neroes. I think Cole and Jinkens are locks for offers and likely pledges. Cole was said to be an Aggie lean not long ago but he’s more of an OLB in a 4-3 rather than an ILB in a 3-4. Jinkens is the epitome of raw, but is supremely talented. Brian Nance is another kid to keep an eye on, if only to spite dedfischer.

MYIAPOWS: Cole, Jinkens, and DLT. All three of these guys are high on UT and DLT could be an immediate yes. While I’m not as high on DLT as other, I think the staff really likes him. Chet 2, brute?

Defensive backs (3)
To put it bluntly, this isn’t a good year for corners, but it’s not bad for safeties. When life gives you lemons, make Citron. The staff will target Edward Pope from Carthage and LaDarrell McNeil at safety and then focus the rest of their time on Kendall Sanders at corner. If one of the two initial safeties falls through, Corey Thompson could be next in line. I like Thompson a lot and in no way would he be a consolation prize. Also, look for the staff to use any athlete tags on corners.

MYIAPOWS: Word is Pope’s already been told he’s getting an offer and that was probably on the heels of him being considered a TCU lean. His half brother plays for the Horned Frogs. McNeil’s tough to get a read on, but from what we’ve heard he’s interested. Maybe Jerry Gray can whisper in his ear how his range reminds him of ET’s. Sanders loves Texas and will be a huge get. I think we finish with the threesome of Pope, McNeil, and Sanders.

Afolete (1)
Here’s where you take your Quandre’s and Mykkele’s and fill needs as you see fit. There is no shortage of guys in this class that could wind up on either side of the ball, but with the dearth of corners in the class that’s what we’ll probably be looking at. It’s a shame because my favorite guy with an athlete tag is Corey Coleman from Richardson Pearce and I think he’s got slot written all over him. Need will probably predicate that he plays D if he ends up in Austin. Either way, he’s a take. Another dynamic guy who has recently been in contact with the coaching staff is Bralon Addison. Like Coleman he could play in the slot or at corner.

MYIAPOWS: For now, I like our chances with Coleman. Perhaps something comes from the Addison flirtation but it’s still puppy love at this point and it may be a tricky recruitment. If you can land Addison, he’s a take all day everyday.

That puts us at a nice and even 22. Thoughts?

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