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In Mack I Trust
A refocusing effort that starts from the top

By Jonathan Woo
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If you are one of the thousands of frantic Longhorns fans, myself included, desperately waiting for the reports to come in of new coaching hires, I think the proper response is to be patient.

After all, this is Mack Brown we are talking about, and I think sometimes we lose a sense of focus and gain one of entitlement. And while we are the University of Texas, I feel we need to remember that the best of college football programs have sour seasons that urge refocus and rebuilding, and this is what is happening on the Forty Acres.

Not a lot has changed since the last reports came out a couple of weeks ago.

Teryl Austin—who was once reported to be in as defensive coordinator—no longer seems to be in the driver seat to secure that position.

Another Florida name—Steve Adazzio, their offensive line coach—was rumored to be in at Texas at the same position, but promptly accepted the Temple head coaching position.

Part of me wishes for Mack to get it all over with, bring in the guys he wants with whatever resources necessary and begin 2011 with a huge bang.

But with most of the college football world heavily engrossed in the bowl season (that sound that you hear is me weeping), us Longhorn fans can do nothing except wait.

Besides, Boise State—the lone program done with bowl season—is the only team that staffs a coach in which we are interested, offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin.

The other part of me halfway understands the judicious process our staff needs to go through, but with the recruiting class that we are pulling in for 2011, not having a complete staff makes me nervous.

How nice would it have been to wake up Christmas morning with new coordinators under the tree?

Oh wait…

But for the sake of focusing on sports other than college football, like the legitimacy of our basketball team (props Rick Barnes), we Longhorns should try our hardest to let it all play it.

In Mack Brown I trust.

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