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We’ve been saying this for a week now.

We think the next Texas “play-caller” will be one of the following:

Paul Chryst – Wisconsin
Bryan Harsin – Boise State
Major Applewhite – Texas

There have been reports that the job is Chryst’s to turn down. That may indeed be the case but we can not confirm nor deny those reports.

It’s also possible that Mack Brown may attempt to bring in Harsin for an interview this week, or at least meet with him off campus.


I’ve spoken to multiple people in the last two weeks about Chryst. But two conversations stand out to me.

One came from a Big 10 coach who has coached against Chryst.

Another is Kyle Heikkinen, who runs our Wisconsin site on 247Sports. We are running a full Q&A with Heikkinen later today on both Chryst and Wisconsin OL coach Bob Bostad.

But the coach was very complimentary of Chryst as a “coach”, as someone who schemed against him.

“You have to match-up up front against them (Wisconsin) or they’ll just wear on you,” the coach said.

“If you don’t have the defensive line, the defensive tackles, it’s just going to be a long day. That’s how we saw it. My first couple of years, we had some guys, and we played it close, but we let it slip this year and it snowballed.”

The coach, however, felt like it would take Texas a couple of years to recruit to what Wisconsin is currently doing on offense.

“They’re all 22 personnel (2 backs and 2 tight ends at Wisconsin), and I don’t know if Texas is set up for that. At Oregon State it was all one-back, so maybe he’d do some different things,” he said.

The bigger issue to the coach was whether or not Chryst would leave Wisconsin.

“Will a million dollars get him to leave Wisconsin?,” the coach asked.

“I don’t know. He’s a Wisconsin guy. He has a cabin where he goes. He’s got it pretty sweet up there for what he does.”


The coach did not expect Chryst to get the Maryland head coaching position despite multiple ties to the Badgers on the Maryland search committee.


Here’s a stat for Chryst that will impress anyone.

Against Indiana, Wisconsin scored 83 points. They scored on all 12 possessions in the game. All 12.

Someone will have to go back and look it up, but I don’t know if Texas has EVER scored on 12 straight offensive possessions, even during the VY era.

Here’s another stat you don’t see every week:

In three games this year, Wisconsin ran out the clock to end the game when they started possession with more than 5 minutes left to play in the game.

Against Arizona State and Northwestern, they held the ball for the last four minutes of the game.

In five of their wins, they effectively sat on the ball and didn’t give it back.


Mack Brown is trying to get his entire staff in place by no later than Jan. 3 because Jan. 4 is the first day the NCAA allows assistants back on the road for recruiting.

Achieving that date will be tough.

This week, expect Brown to be talking to, interviewing, etc., for the OL and DT/Special teams positions. And possibly the WR job if Bobby Kennedy ends up elsewhere.

Obviously, if Chryst is the pick for the OC job, then Wisconsin OL coach Bob Bostad may be the selection for the OL job at Texas.

Should be interesting to see how all of this unfolds.


As for Bobby Kennedy, Colorado has still yet to fill its wide receiver position.

And, what’s more, Northern Colorado, Kennedy’s alma mater, was just turned down by Dave Logan for its head coaching position.

Kennedy has not really been “in it” at Northern Colorado up until this point. That could change though.

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