The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Texas 51, FAU 17




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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – Texas 51, FAU 17
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All is well, Texas fans, no more reason to worry!  The Mighty Longhorns dominated an outstanding, near-flawless Florida Atlantic club by a whopping 51-17.  Piled up 522 total yards to a mere 298 for the potent FAU offense.  Had their first 100 yard rusher of the season as Cody Johnson scooted for 124 yards on just 28 carries.  The defense had big stop after big stop after big stop vs. an Owl offense that had completely dominated the likes of the University of Alabama (Birmingham) and the University of Louisiana (Lafayette) and Florida (International) University!

The tailgate parties before and after the game were full of boisterous revelers, and DKR Texas Memorial Stadium was packed to the rafters with excited Longhorn fans, all of whom came early, wore orange, yelled themselves hoarse non-stop throughout the contest, and to a man, stayed late to sing The Eyes of Texas.

Yes, friends, there is nothing like a big win in a huge game against a great opponent to right the ship, prove yet again that Greg Davis is the finest game-planner and play-caller anywhere in the known universe, and demonstrate that the Texas program is surely the home to finest coaching staff in the college football world.  No staff changes needed here, Mack – you are good to go for next season.

Let’s go to the GBU before I hyperventilate!

Good: Cody Johnson.  In all seriousness, the big guy did pound out tough yards against what is admittedly a terrible FAU defense.  Then again, he’s running behind a terrible offensive line in a scheme that any Pop Warner team could learn, so cracking 100 yards is a pretty big deal.

Befuddling: In the team’s 11th game of the season, the coaches still have not figured out a means of getting DJ Monroe on the field for more than a few plays here and there.  This is just mind-numbing.

Ugly: The replay official outright robbing Marquise Goodwin of a clear touchdown.  That was the worst overrule of the season, and one of the worst we’ve ever witnessed.  Sheesh.

Good: Adrian Phillips was allowed to actually return a punt in the 4th quarter.  Amazing.

Good: My God, the coaches even let the kids try to block punts and place kicks in this game.  They got one of each.

Ugly: Where in the bleeping hell have these special teams been all goddam season???

Good: The Longhorns – hold your breath here – actually had a first down catch by a tight end in this game.  No, really, they did!  I swear they did.  It only took 11 games to accomplish.  Somebody give Bruce Chambers a contract extension, quick!

Bad: Florida Atlantic’s football team.  To be serious here for just a moment, this was clearly, without any question at all, the worst football team the Longhorns have faced this season.  They had about 10 legitimate Division 1 starters on the team, and just junk players everywhere else.

Special Teams Player of the Game – Kheeston Randall, who blocked the early FAU field goal attempt.

Defensive Player of the Game – Sam Acho.  4 Tfls and 3 sacks will win this one for you almost every time.

Offensive Player of the Game – Clearly Cody Johnson, and good for him.

Here is what it has come to, Longhorn fans:  Bring on the Aggies, and let’s all make plans to go bowling in Shreveport or Houston!

Hook ‘em!!!

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