The —-, The Bad, and The Ugly – Texas 14, Kansas State 39




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The —-, The Bad, and The Ugly – Texas 14, Kansas State 39
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It’s official:  Mack Brown and his staff of overpaid, complacent, uncreative assistant coaches have lost this football team.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say anymore about what is without question the most poorly-coached array of motivation– and character-devoid players anywhere in the country.  A few players – notably Sam Acho, to name one – continue to put out solid effort, but not many.  Given the utter ineptitude displayed this year by their coaches, it’s getting harder and harder to blame them for giving up.  Very sad.

But back to what to say about this game.  I guess we can start with the obvious:  Three plays into this game, all doubt about the ultimate outcome had been removed from the mind of anyone paying attention.   You start with the now-ubiquitous special teams breakdown, as the Longhorns allowed Kansas State to return the opening kickoff – which was an absolutely perfect kick by Tucker, BTW – well into Texas territory, giving the Wildcats a short field to work with.  The Texas defense handled the first KSU scrimmage play pretty well, but then disaster struck.  KSU runs a little zone option action, the tailback takes the ball off left tackle, the KSU offensive linemen devastate the supposedly talented Texas defensive linemen, the Texas outside linebacker gets caught up inside, the Texas safety is easily handled  as he gets caught in a blitz, the KSU tailback scoots into the second level of the Texas D, where there is typically no one in the vicinity, and 34 yards later jaunts untouched into the endzone for an easy touchdown.

That was 53 seconds into the game, and we all knew it was over.  It just got worse from there.

It now appears that Greg Davis has managed to coach literally everything good Garrett Gilbert brought into the program out of him.  The starting Texas QB has no confidence, no ability to read defenses, no ability to recognize coverages, and a kid who almost never threw an inaccurate pass in high school has somehow become one of the least accurate passers in the country.  So much for the long-held myth by Greg Davis’s legion of apologists that he is somehow a great quarterback coach.

In this game, Gilbert managed to throw 5 INTs on the game, including an amazing 4 INTs in 4 straight possessions.  Surely that has to be some kind of record at Texas.

No doubt all the Greg Davis sycophants among the UT fan base will say, ‘well, golly, Greg Davis isn’t throwing those interceptions!’, which is true.  But I find it hard to blame the kid when he is forced to try to execute plays that are horrifically designed, behind a line that can’t pass block with any consistency, with no reliable wide receivers on the team, absent anything even slightly resembling a competent running game.

I kept getting emails and texts during the game screaming “put in another quarterback!!!!”  Well, folks, here’s the reality:  Unless that other quarterback is named Vince Young, Colt McCoy, or maybe Cam Newton, it won’t matter.  The Greg Davis offense simply does not function without a quarterback who can improvise on the fly and make plays where none exist, which is almost always the case in Davis’s laughable joke of a system.

Naturally, Mack Brown’s biggest gripe after the game was that the defense didn’t create enough turnovers.  Just a continuation of Mack’s campaign to blame every coach on his staff except his offensive coordinator for the utter collapse of this football program this season.  And of course, Mack will use the fact that the offense managed to gain 412 yards in this game as added ammunition that Davis is not the problem here.  This is what Mack does – it’s who he is.

I’m not even going to go into any more detail on this game.  Given that the players didn’t put any effort into it, and the coaches didn’t put any effort into it.  I don’t see any reason why I should put any effort into it, either.

The bottom line here is pretty stark and simple:  Mack Brown has lost his team, and the game has basically passed him by.  He is finding out the hard way that he just can’t out-talent other programs anymore if he’s going to insist upon running an offensive system that was invented in the early 1980s and last dominant a decade ago.  Our last three losses were to opponents who did not have 10 players between them that Mack would have dreamed of offering a scholarship.

This year’s performance is not just the worst job of coaching we have seen in the Mack Brown era, it is without any real question at all one of the very worst coaching jobs in modern football history.  I can’t think of a single instance in which any coaching staff has done less with more talent or inherent program advantages than this staff has accomplished this season.  To make matters even worse, I’m frankly not sure Mack is any more capable of recovering from this debacle than John Mackovic was of recovering from 1997.  He refuses to acknowledge and focus on the real problems in his staff, and as long as that is the case, there is no real hope of recovery.

I’ve always tried to be balanced with these pieces, tried to find some “Good” to talk about after even the most devastating loss.  After this game, there’s just nothing there.  Sorry.

Hook ‘em!!!

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