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Whoa, Whoa . . . Not So Fast
By Nicco Martinez – Featured writer at Hook’em Report and Silver and Blue Report

Some under-achieving NFL teams may be cleaning house at the end of this season. It has always been a great recruiting tool, not to mention educational, to have a staff with NFL experience. Here’s a look at some current NFL Coaches who potentially might be in need of a job in as little as 6 weeks:

Def Line

Karl Dunbar, Minnesota Vikings, Def line Coach

Jim Washburn, Tennessee Titans, Def Line

Wayne Nunnely, Denver Broncos, Def Line

Ron Aiken, Arizona Cardinals, Def line (former Longhorns coach)


Roman Phifer, Denver Broncos, LBs

Richard Smith, Carolina Panthers, LBs (coached with Muschamp at the Dolphins)

Don “Wink” Martindale, Denver Broncos, LBs

Vantz Singletary, SF 49ers, LBs

Jeff Fitzgerald, Cincinnati Bengals, LBs


John McNulty, Arizona Cardinals, WR

Wendell Davis, SF 49ers, WRs

Off Line

Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans, Off Line

Mike Solari, SF 49ers, Off Line


Tom Kanavy, Minnesota Vikings, strength and conditioning coach

Jerry Simmons, Carolina Panthers, strength and conditioning coach

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