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Muschamp answers tough questions
Cedric Golden, Commentary

Will Muschamp answered tough questions Monday, and it was nice to see Coach Boom unplugged.

He didn’t mince words or make excuses for what’s been the Texas defensive coordinator’s most vulnerable defense in his two-plus seasons. Of particular interest was his answer to the NCAA’s move to protect its players from head injuries, which has made it more difficult for coaches and players to determine the difference between a big hit and a personal foul.

On a day when running back Tré Newton called it a career after suffering multiple concussions, Muschamp expressed concern over players’ safety while wrestling with how it affects his job.

“I don’t know what to tell the players,” Muschamp said. “If you lead with your shoulder, they’re defenseless. If you lead with your head, it’s helmet to helmet. The officials have a hard judgment call, but it’s hard on a defensive coach. I’m very concerned with where it’s headed. We’ll all be playing flag football here in about 15 years.”

Then Kirk Bohls asked him how many times his defense has played winning football in 2010, and the answer came quickly.

“Four,” Muschamp said, as in Texas’ four wins. “Winning is all that matters. That’s how I was raised in this game.”

Translation? Muschamp knows the product on the field is unacceptable if the win total isn’t approaching double digits at this time of the season.

He’s not a head coach yet, but he already gets the fundamental job requirement at Texas.

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