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Everything Mack built in 13 yrs is falling apart in 1 yr


When Mack came here DKR himself described as a spilled box of BBs. The fans were fractured after years of abysmal coaching hires.

1. Now we have a HCIW situation and we have a fan base already starting to fracture between the HCIW and the “old guard”.

2. You have players fracturing, which should never happen on a TEAM, but has. And this is very damaging because this group of players will have this issue of giving up for the rest of their careers, and probably have lost respet of their coaches and vice versa.

3. You have a fanbase highly divided over Greg Davis and he is clearly being propped up by Mack Brown. This is AlSO, Mack’s problem that he created.

4. You have a HCIW/DC that for some odd reason has apparently lost his passion and fire that made him the HCIW. He was given that title because of this passion and the results on the field that the rest of the CFB nation saw, or they would not have been trying to hire him. The only explanation is that he realized there is no reason swimming upstream and damaging his ability to handle a tough “INTERNAL” situation. That would take him out of the running of ALOT of major jobs. He has to show loyalty now, more than ever.

My opinion is that Mack has to step down, and we can name something after him. Get a new voice in place. The change alone can break the loser culture we have with this group of players. As for the coaches, the new guy decides everything. If that is Muschamp then so be it.

This is the Land of the Free, because we are the Home of the Brave.

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